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The presentation of the union’s case began on Wednesday the 9th however it was not completed. The hearing session concluded late that day with the parties reviewing calendars to schedule future dates. As with the two subsidiary medical grievances, when the schedule is known it will be reported in the Dispatch.


The GoJets Negotiations Committee met with the Company on Wednesday, April 9thand Thursday, April 10th. On Wednesday, the IBT passed a counter on Section 7 (Hours of Service). The Company passed counters on Section 13 (Vacation), Section 28 (Union Representation) and Section 29 (Union Security).


Mediator Gerry McGuckin called the leadership of the parties to meet in Chicago on April 11th. This one-day meeting will be to establish protocol for mediated bargaining. It is expected the mediator will offer future dates at this meeting for the parties to begin negotiations.


Four months after the completion of the merger of American Airlines (AAL) and US Airways, all five of the US Airways unions said workers aren't yet seeing the benefits they expected. Customer service agents, jointly represented by the Communications Workers of America and the Teamsters, said "vendors working for American are encroaching on our work at some locations and forcing the association to file grievances."


Negotiations for a stand-alone Technician and Related, Subsidiary ASA contract resumed this week in Baltimore ... On Friday, the pilots of Republic Airlines voted to reject the Tentative Agreement that had been reached by the pilot negotiators and management ... Negotiations for ExpressJet mechanics resumed on Monday in Baltimore ... Flight Attendants for Republic Airlines have been advised that the company and union are in disagreement over the intent of LOA #6 ...The Negotiating Committee for Allegiant Air dispatchers met with the company on Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Pilots for Republic Airways overwhelmingly rejected a proposed four-year contract that the company said would have put them at or near the top of wages for pilots at regional airlines. The voting that ended Friday affected more than 2,200 pilots represented by the Teamsters.