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The newest edition of the Teamster Aviation Professional of the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition is ready to read. Volume 5, Issue 3 includes stories on recent TAMC lobbying, another UAL Teamster receiving the Charles Taylor Award, the recent FAA safety infoshare, and much more.


Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK/B) NetJets, Inc. is demanding compensation and benefit cuts from more than 600 employees represented by the Teamsters Union as part of a plan to lower prices for its wealthy customers. The Columbus, Ohio-based business jet operator is owned by Warren Buffet's holding company and provides business and leisure travel to the global super-rich.


The union and United Airlines reconvened negotiations in Chicago this week for another session of bargaining under the direction and supervision of the National Mediation Board. There are no scheduled dates through the end of the year.


On Friday, October 24th, IBT Safety and Health Industrial Hygienist Enjoli DeGrasse and TAMC Chairman Chris Moore participated in the national conference call, "Ebola Preparedness for Labor Unions"...UAL and IBT reconvened negotiations in Chicago for another session of bargaining under the direction and supervision of the National Mediation Board...


The parties return to the table starting October 21 in Chicago under the direction of Gerry McGuckin from the NMB. At mediator McGuckin’s request, in advance of this week's session there was some subcommittee work done in Chicago. Also as a part of this advance work, officials from TeamCare met with the company along with Business Agents from several locals.


David Renshaw is a busy man. Recently named “Teamster of the Year” for Local 769, the Business Agent recently added to his workload when he assumed the representation for the Airline Division in the Local...In response to concerns raised by UAL/IBT Safety Chairman Ralph Ortiz to United management about the current concerns of preventing the accidental spread of the Ebola virus on United aircraft by passengers that may have exhibited similar symptoms, UAL Director of Technical Operations and Ground Safety Ron Sims issued a response...


Frontier Airlines updated information Thursday regarding its aircraft and flights involving Amber Vinson, the Dallas nurse infected with the Ebola virus.

Frontier said it placed two pilots and four flight attendants on paid leave for 21 days "out of an abundance of caution as the safety and security of our employees is our number one priority."