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In March of 2013 the Teamsters and UAL settled a dispute which resulted in a new benefit for IBT represented members. The new benefit is a one-time career move which provides for many or all costs associated with moving to be paid for by the company. An IBT-represented employee is eligible for a “Career Move” once in their career, provided they is not on probation or returning from inactive status (Furlough, Illness Leave, etc.).


The new edition of the Teamster Aviation Professional is ready to read. Volume 6, Issue 2 of the newsletter includes detailed reports on recent actions and negotiations at United Airlines, the TAMC role at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, the ongoing push to end unfair subsidies at Gulf nation carriers, and much more!


Pilots for Allegiant Air are raising new concerns about the safety of the company's planes. The pilot's union has sent the airline's board of directors a letter, outlining its concerns. Read more here. In part, it says: "As you know, the pilots at Allegiant Air have concerns about the company's bare minimum approach to maintenance and operation of the airline."


Progress was reported in UAL talks after parties met this week in Las Vegas. While the union worked on finalizing its comprehensive proposal, finalizing the proposal was delayed by the announcement of the closing of JFK at the beginning of the session. 


The parties met this week in Las Vegas. The Union worked on finalizing its comprehensive proposal on Tuesday. The positive change in the direction of negotiations was refreshing. It was agreed that due to the progress made, sub committees would continue to meet to attempt to finalize several issues prior to the next session. 


On June 10, over 100 UAL / IBT members gathered at Willis Tower in Chicago in a show of strength and unity to demonstrate frustration with the company's lack of urgency in negotiating the promised industry-leading contract for United Technicians. They were so raucous that they could be heard all the way to Lake Michigan, according to reports of passersby.