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(RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio) – For the second time in eight months, a federal judge in Cleveland has ordered Flexjet and Flight Options to bargain in good faith with more than 600 Teamster pilots, after the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Airline Division and Local 1108 won yet another motion for injunctive relief against the merged carriers.

The judge’s order is another significant victory for the pilots who have been fighting for their federally-protected rights to negotiate a contract in good faith with the carrier.


(WILMINGTON, Ohio) – Days after pilots at DHL and Amazon contractor ABX went on strike, hundreds of pilots at AAWW – DHL’s largest cargo contractor and Amazon’s newest one -- say their company does not have enough pilots to meet clients’ needs and are looking for work at other airlines because their employer refuses to come to an industry-standard contract agreement that will address staffing shortages.


(NORTH MIAMI, Fla.) – By an overwhelming margin, Teamster pilots and professional flight engineers at Amerijet ratified a new contract with the airline. There are 85 members in the bargaining unit represented by Local 769 in North Miami, Fla.

The four-year agreement includes an initial increase in base wages for Captains and First Officers of more than 55 to 75 percent, with additional yearly wage increases. Seniority and sick leave improvements will take effect with the contract.