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Negotiations continued this past week, February 27th through March 1st in Baltimore. While Airline Division Director David Bourne, met last week with Brad Holt to discuss a solution to a unified ExpressJet/ASA agreement; the focus of this week’s session was work on the Express Jet contract with the assistance of the federal mediator.


The parties have now reached conclusion in principal on the entire agreement for non-economic Phase 1 issues. The work of crafting language will continue in parallel with the negotiation of Phase 2 economic discussions.


Airline Division Director David Bourne was in Atlanta on Friday to meet with XJT Chief Operating Officer Brad Holt in an effort to break the log jam that has slowed mechanic contract negotiations to a crawl over the last 12 months.


Last week, the language committee met to go over, line by line, the changes agreed to in principal by the sub committees over the last six weeks. Between the three separate agreements there were over 100 items in 24 articles and provisions that required review for Phase 1 in order to correctly draft the new language.


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