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UAL-CAL-CMI Mechanics Update

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - August 19, 2016

The parties met in Chicago, in very small committee, to prepare and review language surrounding the agreement in principal. This work will continue next week. The NMB requested and was notified of the results of this week’s session.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - August 13, 2016

The parties reached an agreement in principal at this week's session in Reston VA. The language finalization will need to occur and is scheduled to resume in Chicago next week. It is anticipated that, since there are not many language changes needed, that this part of the process should not take long. As soon as the language is finalized the negotiating committee will reconvene to review and approve. If accepted, the agreement in principal would then become a tentative agreement.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - April 25, 2016

Your negotiating committee met this week on April 21st and April 22nd to finalize our counter proposal to United’s “Final Offer.” The meetings were held at Local 19 in Houston, Texas. All articles were reviewed to proof read and sign off on language changes determined at last week’s negotiating committee meeting

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - February 26, 2016

Today, in a continuing and powerful display of solidarity at airports across the country, United Mechanics protested and passed out information to passengers in front of United’s ticket counters.  The message reflected in our 93% NO vote is clear; this substandard proposal is an insult to our craft, and is completely inadequate.  We will not rest until an industry leading agreement is in place for United’s Mechanics.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - February 23, 2016

Our outreach to the press has generated great coverage thus far. Continued showing of solidarity will bring further coverage and increased pressure on the company.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - December 22, 2015

Ballots, along with the complete company proposal, should be in the mail this week and will be counted on January 25th. The ballot will contain two questions; the first is whether or not you accept the company proposal and second; an authorization to seek release from mediation to enter self help, or as it is more commonly known, a strike vote.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - November 28, 2015

The committee met in Houston this week to complete the process of vetting United’s final offer. Various subcommittees worked through the previous week on individual articles and LoA’s, comparing the UA offer to previously TA’d articles, items agreed to in principal, and items not discussed/agreed to in an effort to gain a complete understanding of exactly what United has proposed. These findings were combined into a single list of inconsistencies that were delivered to the UA negotiators this week. Once this list is reviewed and the proposal finalized, a vote will be scheduled.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Process Update

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Teamster Airline Division Representatives Clacy Griswold and Bob Fisher, along with Rank and File committee member John Laurin who is acting as the committee scribe and historian, met with Company Reps Marcel Delhommeau, Kellee Allain, and Nate Kramer to receive the Company’s proposal.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Update - October 26, 2015

It has been reported in several stations that supervisors are characterizing the proposal to be voted on as a “TA” or tentative agreement. This package is not a TA but rather what the Company termed as a closeout proposal.


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