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UAL-CAL-CMI Mechanics Update

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update - October 23, 2015

The International Brotherhood Teamsters today announced an agreement to put a proposed joint contract out for ratification for members working at United Airlines. The deal, if approved, would cover the company’s aviation maintenance technicians and related workers.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update - October 5, 2015

Earlier this summer, a neutral arbitrator held that United violated the s-UAL Collective Bargaining Agreement by imposing a 90% co-insurance obligation on employees who participate in the HMOs, Aetna Select Plans and HMSA.

UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - October 1, 2015

Meetings were held through the weekend (12 hour sessions) and into this week in an effort to conclude the bargaining and reach an equitable deal for the membership.  United passed a comprehensive proposal to the union on Saturday.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update, September 14, 2015

Negotiations are scheduled to reconvene in Las Vegas for two weeks beginning on September 21st. Given the recent tone from the Company, we expect to continue making progress towards a tentative agreement that can be presented to the membership for ratification. The committee remains focused and dedicated to that end and so far have received no indication that the company has changed directions towards this goal as well.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update - September 5, 2015

The Flight Simulator Technician subcommittee met with the Company September 1st through the 3rd in Houston. On the 3rd, the subcommittee successfully concluded discussions regarding all outstanding non-economic proposals for the Flight Simulator Technicians and Related Members.

UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - August 14, 2015

The parties met this week in Las Vegas.  Among the items addressed were an IBT counter proposal to the Health and Welfare (Article 16), Letters of Agreement, and facilities maintenance Article 3 issues. The facilities committee is very close to agreement on language terms for this section.

UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanics Update, July 31, 2015

The parties met in Las Vegas the week of July 27, 2015 at the direction of Mediator McGuckin. The process of working in subcommittees continued through the session. Several Articles (listed below) required adjustment/clarification prior to being TA’d. The FST negotiations committee and the Company met through the week to discuss language applying to their craft.

UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - July 10, 2015

As many of you are aware, the 60 days time frame prescribed by the arbitrator in this decision has passed. The arbitrator contacted the parties for a status update and she was informed that an information request was made by the Division, that the Company had provided information and that the Division's actuary, Gaelle Gravot, was digging through the data.

UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - June 19, 2015

The parties met this week in Las Vegas. The Union worked on finalizing its comprehensive proposal on Tuesday. The positive change in the direction of negotiations was refreshing. It was agreed that due to the progress made, sub committees would continue to meet to attempt to finalize several issues prior to the next session. 

UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - June 10, 2015

Over 100 Teamster members gathered in Chicago on June 10th in a show of strength and unity to demonstrate frustration with the company's lack of urgency in negotiating the promised industry-leading contract for United technicians. The picketers were so loud and boisterous at 233 Wacker Drive that they could be heard in the shareholders meeting.


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