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Airline Division News, Week Ending August 20, 2019

The union Negotiating Committee met with the Company on August 13th, 14th and 15th at Allegiant Air Headquarters. The Union and the Company made considerable progress and have reached T/As on Articles 10 (Leaves of Absence) and 23 (Management Rights).

Airline Division News, Week Ending August 3, 2019

The US Department of Transportation has approved a joint venture between American Airlines and Qantas, which will allow the two carriers to codeshare on certain routes and combine operations in certain airports. The carriers filed their initial application for a joint venture in 2016.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 27, 2019

On July 9th the board of directors of PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association) approved the presidential appointment of a new director.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 21, 2019

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has reached an agreement in principle with Air Canada, the largest passenger carrier in Canada. The agreement covers over 700 customer service representatives, reservation assistants, air cargo workers and other employees at the company’s U.S. base of operations.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 12, 2019

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers assembled on the lawn of the US Capitol July 10 alongside union officials representing pilots, flight attendants and technicians to announce legislation that would renew stalled efforts to target “flag of convenience” carriers.

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 26, 2019

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao  announced on Monday $57.1 million in Federal Aviation Administration grants for Texas airports, including $23.2 million for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and $2.6 million for Dallas Love Field Airport. 

Airline Division News, Week Ending May 3, 2019

With over 90 percent of the bargaining unit participating in the election, Material Specialists represented by the Teamsters Airline Division voted overwhelmingly to ratify their tentative agreement with Southwest Airlines.

Airline Division News, Week Ending April 19, 2019

Students from all over Southern California participated in the first ever Clippers SoCal SciFest sponsored by USA Science and Engineering. While on a smaller scale than the Washington DC Festival there was no lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Students their Parents or the Exhibitors. The event attracted approximately 40,000 to the LA convention center over the weekend.

Airline Division News, Week Ending March 9, 2019

Teamster Airline Division Representative and TAMC Chairman Chris Moore took part in a panel discussion about the future aviation maintenance workforce at the 2019 US Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit this week.

Airline Division News, Week Ending February 23, 2019

UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees at UPS Air Cargo have voted to ratify their newest contract with the company. The contract, which becomes amendable on November 1, 2023, makes UPS Air Cargo mechanics the highest-paid air cargo mechanics in the country by a wide margin.


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