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Airline Division News, Week Ending March 10, 2018

Pilots at charter airline Omni Air International reached a new tentative agreement with the company on February 28th. The agreement includes major increases in pay that make Omni’s starting first officer salaries the highest in the U.S. airline industry.

Airline Division News, Week Ending December 9, 2017

In response to the Court’s ruling on the case between Atlas Air and the pilots of Atlas Air, Polar Air Cargo and Southern Air, the Airline Division released a letter to the membership outlining the areas of the ruling.

Airline Division News, Week Ending November 11, 2017

Through the Teamsters Military Assistance Program; the Airline Division and The Aviation Mechanics Coalition were invited to make a presentation at the American Legion A & P Credentialing Round Table in Washington, DC on November 7, 2017. The roundtable discussion focused on the Aviation Mechanic shortage and how to facilitate the transition of separating Veterans into civilian aviation maintenance jobs. 

Airline Division Week in Review - Hurricane Update September 7, 2017

Last week’s devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and the destruction already caused by Hurricane Irma and the anticipated further destruction as it makes landfall on the mainland of the United States has shown the resilience of our members. Even as they were dealt serious blows personally, they have survived the storms and risen to aid their neighbors and support each other in these times of need.

Airline Division News, Week Ending September 2, 2017

The parties met August 8th-11th, the second meeting with the company after a one day session on July 6th 2017.  The meetings were held at a neutral site in Washington D.C.  

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 8, 2017

July 6th brought about the first negotiating session with Atlas Air management since their first meeting with the company in March 2016, with the parties meeting at a neutral site in Washington, D.C.  As outlined in the framework agreement recently agreed to by the parties, the objective of the meeting was to come to a tentative agreement on articles presented over a year ago.

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 17, 2017

In a letter to their respective membership, the ExCo’s of Atlas Air and Southern Air announced that a Framework Agreement had been agreed upon to restart contract negotiations.

Airline Division News, Memorial Day Message May 28, 2017

As the date fast approaches for Airline Division Director David Bourne, Dr. Jim Kimball, Director of Economics and Research and others to leave for their trek, raising awareness and support our nations wounded veterans, many have asked how they can contribute.

Airline Division News, Week Ending May 20, 2017

On Friday, in a message to the membership, Airline Division Director David Bourne announced the following: 

It is with a mixture of sadness and happiness that I announce the retirement of Airline Division Deputy Director Steven Nagrotsky.


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