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Airline Division News, Week Ending September 5, 2015

In spite of a string of legal losses, Federal Court decisions against them, and judges who have explained the RLA to them; the management of Amerijet continues to exhibit a complete disregard of established law in relation to collective bargaining, especially Section 6 of the RLA.

Airline Division News, Week Ending August 29, 2015

The NetJets Dispatchers Negotiating Committee met this past week on Tuesday and Wednesday for preparation and electronic passes with the Company, then in person with the Company on Thursday.

Airline Division New, Week Ending, August 8, 2015

This week, the Cape Air ExCo and Negotiating Committee announced that a tentative agreement had been reached to extend the existing CBA to September 2018.  The tentative agreement will now be submitted to the Local’s Executive Board and Airline Division Director for final review before a ratification vote by the members.

Airline Division New, Week Ending, August 1, 2015

The parties met in Las Vegas the week of July 27, 2015 at the direction of Mediator McGuckin. The process of working in subcommittees continued through the session. Several Articles required adjustment/clarification prior to being TA’d.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 26, 2015

Lead Union negotiator Bob Luciano and IBT Airline Division representative Chris Moore, accompanied by an IBT staff economist met with Express Jet COO, Alex Marren, Vice President of Maintenance Bob Madigan and Senior Director Lon Ziegler on Monday, July 13th, 2005.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 11, 2015

Airline Division Director David Bourne was joined by Air Canada Business, International Representatives and Air Canada management in Clearwater Beach, Florida on Thursday and Friday to sign the new Agreement and to hold a system board.

Airline Division News, Week Ending July 4, 2015

On June 18, the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association (CAPA), announced that Barbara Boxer e-introduced the "Safe Skies Act of 2015" (S.1612) in the 114th Congress, along with co-sponsors Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 27, 2015

In March of 2013 the Teamsters and UAL settled a dispute which resulted in a new benefit for IBT represented members. The new benefit is a one-time career move which provides for many or all costs associated with moving to be paid for by the company. An IBT-represented employee is eligible for a “Career Move” once in their career, provided they is not on probation or returning from inactive status (Furlough, Illness Leave, etc.).

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 20, 2015

Progress was reported in UAL talks after parties met this week in Las Vegas. While the union worked on finalizing its comprehensive proposal, finalizing the proposal was delayed by the announcement of the closing of JFK at the beginning of the session. 

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 13, 2015

On June 10, over 100 UAL / IBT members gathered at Willis Tower in Chicago in a show of strength and unity to demonstrate frustration with the company's lack of urgency in negotiating the promised industry-leading contract for United Technicians. They were so raucous that they could be heard all the way to Lake Michigan, according to reports of passersby.


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