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Airline Division News, Week Ending June 20, 2015

Progress was reported in UAL talks after parties met this week in Las Vegas. While the union worked on finalizing its comprehensive proposal, finalizing the proposal was delayed by the announcement of the closing of JFK at the beginning of the session. 

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 13, 2015

On June 10, over 100 UAL / IBT members gathered at Willis Tower in Chicago in a show of strength and unity to demonstrate frustration with the company's lack of urgency in negotiating the promised industry-leading contract for United Technicians. They were so raucous that they could be heard all the way to Lake Michigan, according to reports of passersby.

Airline Division News, Week Ending June 6, 2015

On Thursday June 4th the RUL arbitration continued in Newark at the Airport Hilton. The Company presented its evidence and testimony as the IBT had previously rested pending any rebuttal. After the Company rested there was one very brief rebuttal witness from the Union. The arbitrator then declared the record closed and it was determined that closing arguments would be submitted in the form of briefs. The day's testimony and rebuttal took about five hours. Legal counsel for both sides will now wait for the transcripts from this last day of testimony before beginning the process of writing the briefs.

Airline Division News, Week Ending May 30, 2015

The NetJets Negotiating Committee worked internally through the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday writing a counter proposal to Article 22- (Classification), and finalizing the union language on MCC Classification. Along with Article 22, the Committee also finished their proposal on Article 20 – (Training) with emphasis on incorporating existing LOA language into the Article.

Airline Division News, Memorial Day 2015

Sunday May 24 was National AMT day and the TAMC and the Teamsters Airline Division would like to take a moment to recognize our thousands of Aviation Maintenance Technicians...Since Express Jet’s change in management, there have been a number of meetings between the new executives and Teamster leaders...Honoring those who have fallen in defense of our nation...

Airline Division News, Week Ending May 4, 2015

After discovering that a NetJets Vice President was engaged in anti union activities; discovered as a consequence of the lawsuit filed by NetJets pilots in December 2014, the company has fired the individual and the President and COO have also left the company. According to an article in AIN, “In the course of investigating union-interference claims that the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) raised in a lawsuit against NetJets, “We discovered that—without the knowledge or approval of NetJets—a team member undertook efforts on his own to blog and Tweet about the pilots’ union activities and positions,” a NetJets spokeswoman told AIN.

Airline Division News, Week Ending April 25, 2015

Pilots filed a lawsuit against Flexjet, LLC and OneSky, its Cleveland-based parent company, claiming they were illegally harassed and three terminated for speaking out in favor of unionization and better working conditions. Flexjet, LLC employs over 350 pilots who operate luxury business jets for wealthy customers. The pilots are supported by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division, which represents over 85,000 workers in the aviation industry.

Airline Division News, Week Ending April 18, 2015

The Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition was a major sponsor of this week’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) in Miami, Florida. AMTs Brian McCarthy, Nick Sosa, Bryan Metzmeier and Trent DeRudder from Teamsters Local 2727, who work for UPS, joined more than 200 competitors from around the world for the three-day event.

Airline Division News, Week Ending April 11, 2015

On March 30, 2015, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters joined with IBT Local 357 and Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. to file a joint motion in federal district court in Indiana to dismiss all legal actions concerning the “Flight Pay Loss” dispute and other disputes that arose during the trusteeship of Local 747, which occurred in April 2009.

Airline Division News, Week Ending April 5, 2015

Whether it was poor fact checking or a badly timed April Fool’s Day joke, we may never be known, but an April 1 report by the Wall Street Journal questioning the legal right of Allegiant pilots to strike the troubled carrier on April 2 brought a swift response from Division Director Captain David Bourne.


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