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Information On Close Out Proposal for UAL Mechanics Now Available

United Airlines has made a Close Out Proposal. The ballot for ratification by electronic voting was mailed to United Airlines Teamsters’ homes on December 23, 2015, but due to a record number of parcels that flooded the US Postal Service over the holidays, most of the packages did not begin arriving until January 14, and some have yet to be delivered. Due to this unprecedented delay, the deadline for voting has been extended until Noon ET, February 16, 2016.

Restrictions on Furloughee Voting

The IBT's policy has long been that furloughees who are not presently paying dues may vote in ratification elections that affect them only if they were members of the IBT prior to furlough or became such after being furloughed, It has come to our attention that a number of furloughees may have been sent ballots although they may not have met these conditions. We have notified BallotPoint, which can identify and segregate the votes of persons who were mistakenly sent ballots so that no non-members' attempts to vote are counted. At the same time, the Airline Division is identifying and providing BallotPoint the names of furloughed employees who meet the membership criteria to ensure that their votes are duly counted.