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Airline Division News, Week Ending December 22, 2015

FAA Issues Letter of Reprimand to Allegiant over Low Fuel Landing

The Federal Aviation Administration has reprimanded Allegiant Airlines because of a July incident in which two of its pilots declared they were so low on fuel they needed to make an emergency landing in Fargo, North Dakota.

The airline was issued a formal letter of correction -- something short of an enforcement action, in which the agency could assess a civil fine.

Allegiant Flight 426 to Fargo on July 23 left Las Vegas more than an hour late, arriving while the airport was closed to commercial traffic for an air show rehearsal, according to the FAA. The airline had been notified of the closing and it is the responsibility of pilots to read all such notices.

While Allegiant’s flight operations center initially told Fargo controllers the plane carried enough fuel, the FAA concluded the flight “did not appear to have adequate fuel,” according to a statement from the agency released this week. It didn’t specify whether they were in danger of actually running out.


UAL Ratification Process Update

Ballots for the ratification vote on the company proposal, along with the complete company proposal, are being mailed to all UAL members this week and will be counted on January 25th. The ballot will contain two questions; the first is whether or not they accept the company proposal and second is an authorization to seek release from mediation to enter self help, commonly known as a strike vote.

Members are urged to look for their Local’s updates to determine when and where informational meetings may be held. Tele town halls will also be held to answer questions on the contract and the proposed health and welfare benefits.

NetJets Dispatchers Update

Due to the efforts of the Airline Division and Company to find additional availability, the NetJets Negotiations Committee met again with the Company on December 16th and 17th  .

On Wednesday morning the union receiving proposals on Article 7 (Schedules), Article 18 (General) and Article 20 (Union Representation) from the company. The Union made counterproposals on all three Articles, as well as Article 6 (Vacation).  By the end of the day, tentative agreements had been reached on Articles 6, 7 and 20. The Union Negotiating Committee also completed work on Article 17 (Insurance and Benefits).

On Thursday, Article 17 was officially passed to the Company and the parties exchanged proposals over Article 11 (Sick Leave). While much of Article 11 is agreed to with the Company, remaining sick leave issues will be addressed at the next session along with other economic issues.

In a message to their members, the committee reminded them that; “The time draws near for the management of this Company to make a decision on whether or not they will make good on their word.  Rest assured that your Negotiating Committee has not forgotten the years without raises, profit sharing and the pay cut we received when they changed our benefits package.  We’ll make sure the Company doesn't forget it either.  We understand how important job security, compensation and benefits are for you and your family and we’ll work hard to get what Dispatchers are owed and what we deserve.”

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

The US and Mexico have signed an air treaty that will eliminate route restrictions and allow airlines to set their own ticket prices for flights between the two countries. The agreement still must be ratified by Mexico's senate.

Officials from the US and Cuba said on Wednesday that they reached a tentative agreement

on starting air service between the two countries.

Airlines, Industry and Labor Inc. is creating a logistics operation that will include overnight air operations in the US domestic market, potentially including the acquisition of at least 20 freighter aircraft.

Wasting no time following its hard-won negotiations with its labor unions, Cargolux Airlines has taken steps to follow through on one of its promises to hiring 100 new pilots in Luxembourg. On Dec. 17, the all-cargo carrier revealed that it had already chosen 52 candidates who will begin a seven-month training process.

In observance of Christmas, the offices of the Airline Division will be closed on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 and will re-open for regular business on Monday, December 28, 2015.