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Airline Division News, Week Ending November 11, 2016

Airline Division Announces Tentative Agreement at Kalitta Air 

This afternoon, Airline Division Director David Bourne announced that the Airline Division had reached a Tentative Agreement with Kalitta Air.  

The product of over four years of hard fought bargaining, the 2016 IBT-Kalitta Air tentative agreement contains significant improvements to the current CBA, including:  

• Industry leading scope/subcontracting/job security protections

• 55% increases to hourly pay rates on date of ratification, additional annual increases of 5%,  4% and 5% in contract years 2, 3, 4, respectively, and longevity increases

• Increased domestic and international per diem

• Reduced duty period limits and enhanced rest provisions,

• The 17-day schedule is replaced by a new 16-day schedule

• Health insurance and retirement benefit improvements

• New hostile area flying protections, including enhanced insurance and compensation 

• Business class travel requirements when pilots deadhead on commercial airlines 

Further information on ratification is being prepared for the membership and will be released when completed.

Flexjet/Flight Options Management Shows up empty handed, is served with Contempt Citations at the Bargaining Table 

Two bargaining sessions were scheduled in October for the Flexjet/Flight Options Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (“JCBA”). During the first session; October 18th – 20th, the parties worked separately in caucus and for the second; October 25th – 26th the parties met in formal session in Beachwood, OH.

The parties agreed to spend the entire first October session working separately in developing important proposals for presentation the week of October 25th.  Management indicated that they, too, would have proposals for presentation during the second October session. 

The second October session began on Tuesday, October 25.  Both parties presented an update on their respective upcoming proposals. Joe Salata, Sr. VP of Flight Operations for Flight Options and Flexjet, inquired about the authorship of the recently published Flexjet Pilots Leadership Council (“FJ-PLC”) announcement titled, “Management Wants to Put Non-Red Label Pilots on the Street First.”  He claimed that the announcement falsely described management’s intent behind their Integrated Collective Bargaining Agreement (“ICBA”) Section 7––Displacement, Furlough & Recall.   

Union negotiators responded by reading out loud the ICBA Section 7 proposal management presented in September, showing that the language is absolutely clear and unmistakable—management’s proposal was fully capable of furloughing pilots out of seniority to the advantage of Red Label pilots.   

After some additional discussions about information sharing, the Union moved to the matter of the Motion for Contempt filing the IBT made earlier that morning in federal court in Cleveland.  At 11:23 am ET on October 25, 2016, IBT Airline Division International Representative Capt. Rick Dubinsky formally served the management members who were named in the filing; Robert Sullivan, Jason Weiss, Joe Salata and Dennis Florian with their copies of the filing.  

Union leadership, negotiators and legal counsel have been insisting that the company bargain in good faith on all matters, including a JCBA. The need for strict compliance with the requirements of the recent Fence Agreement Award by the company has been repeatedly emphasized. The failure of management to do so resulted in the contempt filing. 

In a message to the membership the committee said, “It was with great pride that your Union representatives had the distinct honor to personally serve the Co-Contemnors with the documents filed in federal court.  They could not run and could not hide.  

We hope that a clear message was sent that our pilots that we are not going stand for the company’s and these individuals’ flagrant disregard for the Railway Labor Act, disrespect of a federal judge’s orders, refusal to follow related federal laws and their total disregard for the processes this great country affords working men and women. Our faith in the processes remain and we will support pursuit of a successful outcome for the pilots and their families.” 

Discussion continued on Section 19, with a senior member of the management team, Robert Sullivan stating that the Red Label program “was not going away.”  

Union negotiators made it clear to him that the pilots currently assigned to Red Label are no different from any other pilot and the JCBA will not carve out any special deals for them, and they will be subject to the same contractual rules as all other pilots.

Airline Industry News 

Governmental and Regulatory

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into multiple aviation incidents that occurred last week at LaGuardia, O'Hare and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airports. NTSB has deployed teams to determine the cause of the American Airlines incident in Chicago and the FedEx incident in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., while continuing to investigate a runway incident at LaGuardia involving vice presidential candidate Mike Pence's aircraft.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines voted to ratify a new agreement that includes a 12.5% pay increase plus bonuses. "I extend my appreciation for the patience and professionalism demonstrated by our flight attendants throughout the negotiation process," said Sonya Lacore, vice president of cabin services.

United Airlines has broken ground on its $162 million United Technical Operations Center at its Houston hub, which will add approximately 200,000 square feet of hangar capacity for maintenance of widebody aircraft. "This significant investment in our Houston facilities will enable us to support more aircraft than ever before in Houston and allow us to return them to serving our customers more quickly," said Greg Hart, executive vice president and chief operating officer of United.

Pilots at Southwest Airlines voted to approve a new contract that includes increased wages and a boost in retirement benefits. The Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association said that 96% of pilots eligible to vote did so. "Beyond the compensation and work rule improvements, this forward-looking agreement delivers the operational flexibility needed to grow our network and ensures that Southwest will remain well-positioned for long-term success in our intensely competitive industry," said Alan Kasher, vice president of flight operations for Southwest.

Airbus reported net orders for 395 aircraft for the first 10 months of the year. Meanwhile, Boeing booked 457 net orders for the same time period.

Veterans Day


"At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.”


On that day and at that hour; the Armistice took effect, ending World War I. What was known for years as “Armistice Day” we now call Veterans Day.

Today on Veterans Day, we have a solemn responsibility to take a moment and reflect on those past and present those among us and those of generations past, who have worn the many uniforms of our nation and defended our rights and liberties. 

Some served and came home. Some were left on foreign shores. Many came home as they left and many came home injured or wounded. We owe our eternal thanks to all, our eternal support to those wounded or maimed and eternal remembrance to those who have left us. 

We ask that each of you take the time to join us in remembering all of our Veterans today. If you come across one, say “thanks.” A simple handshake. Buy them a cup of coffee. A salute. For those who are no longer with us, let us speak their names aloud so it will never be forgotten. 

On behalf of the Airline Division to the veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard; and the often forgotten veterans of the U.S. Merchant Marine, U.S. Public Health Service and NOAA who have served, we offer our grateful thanks to you for serving our nation.

 Out of respect for our veterans sacrifices, the offices of the Airline Division will be CLOSED on Friday, November 11th. We will re-open for regular business on Monday, November 14th.