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Airline Division News, Week Ending November 4, 2017

Airline Division, Local 284 reach Agreement in Principal with Management for NetJets Technicians and Related

The negotiating team comprised of Teamsters Airline Division representatives, Teamsters Local 284 business agent and rank and file committee members for the NetJets Technicians and Related Group have reached an “agreement in principle” to amend their current collective bargaining agreement with NetJets. 

The negotiations, which began in February of 2012, have been successfully concluded. 

“I am pleased with the ability of the union negotiators and NetJets to work cooperatively to reach a mutually satisfactory ‘agreement in principle,’” said Captain David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. 

Over the next few weeks, the Teamsters and NetJets will work to finalize the contract language that will result in a tentative agreement, which will then be put before the membership for a ratification vote.

Airline Industry News 

Airlines, Industry and Labor 

A new labor contract for the pilots of the combined Alaska Airlines and Virgin America significantly increases average pay for both Alaska Airlines and Virgin America captains. The new contract also provides pay increases for first officers.

Columnist Kent German lauds the legacy of the Boeing 747 for its stylish profile and immense size, noting that its 500-passenger capacity helped make air travel more accessible to vacationers of modest means.

Chicago Rockford Airport (RFD) has set its sights on the express and ecommerce market, having seen volumes rise 44% in the past year. 

E-commerce offers significant opportunities to the logistics industry, including ocean carriers, according to retailers.