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Airline Division News, Week Ending December 9, 2017

Court rules in lawsuit between Atlas Air and pilot groups

In response to the Court’s ruling on the case between Atlas Air and the pilots of Atlas Air, Polar Air Cargo and Southern Air, the Airline Division released a letter to the membership outlining the areas of the ruling. To read the letter, click on the following link:

Union briefs NMB on status of negotiations with ABX management

On November 29th, the NMB was briefed by the union on the status of discussions with management. In a letter dated November 30th the following message was sent to all pilots:

“Yesterday morning the union briefed the National Mediation Board about the current status of our negotiations with ABX management.  We outlined our bargaining history, differences and priorities.  In attendance for the union were Teamsters Local 1224 President Daniel Wells, Secretary Treasurer Tim Jewell, Lead Counsel Ed Gleason, Outside Counsel Lynne Nowel, and me as the ABX ExCo Chairman.

The mediator has tentative dates available in January to continue the negotiating process.  Firm dates will be scheduled after Congress votes to fund the government beyond December.” 

Despite management excuses, Omni pilots stand ready to continue negotiations 

In a recent message to Omni pilots; management falsely claimed that they could not meet and negotiate with the pilots without the presence of the NMB, whom they claimed were unavailable to meet. The Omni pilot negotiators responded not only that the NMB was not a requirement for meetings; and they refuted the company assertion in the following message to their pilots:  

“This is an update on the status of negotiations as of December 6, 2017: 

1. Your Omni negotiating team has invited management to meet and continue bargaining. We’re available with or without the NMB. 

2. Management has refused to meet and negotiate. It will only meet with us to finalize its latest “take it or leave it” ultimatum.  

3. Last week, we spoke with the NMB about how the company is putting all of its efforts toward phone calls and mailings, rather than negotiating with the committee. 

Of course, while ownership refuses to meet and bargain, it continues making money from underpaying us.  It would be unfair to allow the company to financially benefit from this manufactured delay.  That is why we are now seeking full retroactive wages, to commence on the date that the company last attended bargaining - a half day on October 26.” 

With the financial incentive for delay removed, the company should have no economic reason to avoid meeting and negotiating. You can help make this happen. If ownership contacts you, tell them: “Get back to the table and bargain. My negotiating committee speaks for me.” When ownership hears that message from enough pilots, we can all resume making progress and working toward settling this contract.

Airline Industry News

Robert Isom, president of American Airlines, says in this interview that the carrier is making five-year plans that will allow it to produce returns of about $5 billion per year.  

UPS expects to deliver 40 million more packages this holiday season than it did a year ago, for a total of 750 million.  

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) handled more cargo than any other airport globally until 1990. 

The number of Hawaiian air cargo jobs grew 978% between 2001 and 2016, with workers earning an average hourly wage of $37.47. Inbound cargo has been increasing since 2002, with the uptick largely driven by e-commerce, says a report released by the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. 

UPS is considering building a new sorting and delivery facility near East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire, UK, which could employ about 1,000 workers. 

DHL Global Forwarding must improve. That was the message from divisional chief executive Tim Schawarth after a poor nine months tarnished otherwise record results for DP-DHL.