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Continental Airlines

I have been a mechanic at Continental Airlines since 1986. I have spent my entire career—23 years—at IAH . In that time, I have worked on every version of the 737, from gear changes to engine changes, DC – 9 / MD 80, 727s, 747s, 757s, 767s and the last few years I have worked on the 777 phase A ck line and A300s which we operated for a few years. Most of those years have been spent on graveyard shift working either out of service or PSV crew with a couple of those years being spent on the Tech Support crew where we worked aircraft with “chronic” problems. In addition, from 1986 to 1990, I was part of the IAH engine change crew where, along with our normal line maintenance duties, we performed most of the scheduled and unscheduled engine changes in our region.

Mechanics and related at Continental Airlines became Teamsters in 1997. I became a shop steward in 2000 and chief steward from 2004 through 2007. During the period from 2000 through 2005, I also chaired the IAH Maintenance Safety Committee. During the US Airways/America West merger in 2005, I was asked by my local union to assist the Teamsters Organizing Department on a campaign to help our brothers and sisters at American West remain Teamsters. Since then I have worked with the Organizing Department on the United Airlines and FedEx mechanics campaigns. In September of 2007, I was elected to and currently chair the TAMC.

United Airlines
I am a new member to the steering committee of this prestigious group, the TAMC. My aviation career began after cross-training to the maintenance field and becoming a B-52 crew chief in the U.S. Air Force. After serving in the Air Force, I hired on at United Airlines as an A&P Mechanic. That was just over 20 years ago.
At United, my first two assignments were working narrow-body “C” checks in an area affectionately known as the “bat cave,” and then I went on to the narrow body “special routs” crew. After about 15 months at each, I moved on to line maintenance, five years in SFOMM and the last 12 years as part of the prominent Seattle Aircraft Maintenance Team.


I’ve worked for ExpressJet Airlines for the past six years. Prior to working in the airline industry, I spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. ExpressJet Airlines Inc. completed the change to an all-jet fleet in 2003 and we now maintain over 200 EMB-135/145/145XR aircraft.

I have been a chief steward since May of 2008. Before receiving this position, I’ve actively been participating with Teamsters Local 19, dealing with other issues. I am a strong supporter of my local union as well as the Teamsters as a whole. I’m one of the newest members of the TAMC and I look forward to providing the service that the members need.

Continental Airlines
I am honored to have been asked to sit on the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Steering Committee of the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition, representing the mechanic and related at Continental Airlines. I look forward to brining the concerns and ideas of my co-workers at CAL to the table in an effort to help move the agenda of the aircraft mechanic and related forward.
I obtained my A&P License at Aviation High School in Queens, New York. I was hired by New York Air as a Line Mechanic in August of 1985. New York Air was a subsidiary of The Texas Air Holdings Corp. In 1987 New York Air was acquired by Continental Airlines. I was able to stay on as a Line Mechanic with Continental and am currently in my 24th year of service.
I am a Shop Steward and Assistant Business Agent for Local 210 representing the Continental Airlines Mechanic and Related at Newark Airport. Back in 1996 I was heavily involved in the organizing campaign at CAL. I have been fortunate enough to serve as a member of the negotiating committee in three rounds of traditional contract negotiations and, unfortunately, one round of concessionary bargaining. I am deeply involved in the day-to-day enforcement of our collective bargaining agreement. I consider myself very fortunate and I am grateful to have experienced all three major aspects of representation (organizing, negotiating and contract enforcement).