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Ralph Salzano

Continental Airlines
I am honored to have been asked to sit on the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Steering Committee of the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition, representing the mechanic and related at Continental Airlines. I look forward to brining the concerns and ideas of my co-workers at CAL to the table in an effort to help move the agenda of the aircraft mechanic and related forward.
I obtained my A&P License at Aviation High School in Queens, New York. I was hired by New York Air as a Line Mechanic in August of 1985. New York Air was a subsidiary of The Texas Air Holdings Corp. In 1987 New York Air was acquired by Continental Airlines. I was able to stay on as a Line Mechanic with Continental and am currently in my 24th year of service.
I am a Shop Steward and Assistant Business Agent for Local 210 representing the Continental Airlines Mechanic and Related at Newark Airport. Back in 1996 I was heavily involved in the organizing campaign at CAL. I have been fortunate enough to serve as a member of the negotiating committee in three rounds of traditional contract negotiations and, unfortunately, one round of concessionary bargaining. I am deeply involved in the day-to-day enforcement of our collective bargaining agreement. I consider myself very fortunate and I am grateful to have experienced all three major aspects of representation (organizing, negotiating and contract enforcement).