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Editor's Note: Due to Hurricane Sandy, the Week in Review did not publish. The Airline Division expresses its best wishes for our members, families and all affected for their safety and a speedy recovery.

NJA Dispatchers Deal with Contempt of Company Negotiators during Attempts at Bargaining


OJT Agreement Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the MOU?

This Memorandum of Understanding was negotiated to help work out some of the training issue created by the Resource Utilization Letter of Interpretation (LOI) that was agreed upon earlier this year. The LOI created training deficiencies in the sub areas that needed to be more clearly defined.


A few years ago, mechanics and related at United Airlines were in a situation similar to the one we face today at American Airlines. UAL was in bankruptcy and workers were furloughed while thousands of mechanic and related jobs had been outsourced. On top of that, the workforce at UAL suffered years of concessionary bargaining under the IAM and then AMFA.