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As discussed in a previous dispatch, a summit with United Airlines (UA) Labor Relations leadership was held in Washington DC on July 21 at the IBT Headquarters. Several issues were discussed during that meeting. These issues included the UA System Board, the growing backlog of grievances due to the pandemic (especially regarding RIF and recall) and the scheduling of arbitration cases. Commitments were made to reduce the docket and to settle grievances at the lowest possible level as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.


As we begin to turn the corner on the pandemic in much of the world, passengers are returning to the skies. Although the airlines are only flying around 65 percent of what they did in 2019, it is great to see the uptick in flying. Throughout all of this you have been on the front lines. As essential workers you could not shelter in place. Instead, you put yourselves and your families at risk by continuing to come to work.