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Teamster Airline Division Advisory Board

Chaired by George Miranda, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 210 and Vice President at Large, the Teamsters Airline Division Advisory Board was founded in the summer of 2008 to help set the future course and structure of the Teamsters Airline Division.

It is the primary function of the board to consider an entire range of matters affecting the division, including organizing projects and grievances that may have system-wide or division-wide impact. Relying upon their experience as Teamsters Airline Division leaders, the board will make recommendations to the division director on appropriate courses of action.

The advisory board held its initial meeting at the International Union's headquarters on August 15, 2008.  Members of the Teamsters Airline Division Advisory Board include Miranda, Robert Clever, Local 19 President; Josh LeBlanc, Local 357 President; Don Ramsey, Local 455 Business Agent; Josh Zivalich, Local 769 President; Paul Stripling, Local 781 President; Chris Griswold, Local 986 Secretary-Treasurer; Dan Wells, Local 1224 President; and Tim Boyle, Local 2727 President.