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Legislative Advocacy

Teamster solidarity can bring about better working conditions on the job and Teamsters can work together to influence national and state government policies that impart working men and women.


The Organizing Department coordinates the organizing activities of Teamsters throughout the country. The department is available to assist local unions, joint councils, and trade divisions and trade conferences in establishing organizing programs, supporting local campaigns, developing budgets, recruiting and training volunteers, and providing materials.
The Organizing Department also helps to coordinate industry-wide and company-wide organizing efforts, participates in joint organizing campaigns with other unions, and assists in mergers and affiliations.

Safety & Health

The Safety and Health Department is responsible for developing occupational safety and health and transportation safety policy for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The department also provides technical and regulatory information as well as support to IBT Trade Divisions, Conferences, IBT Departments, Joint Councils, Local Union Affiliates and Rank-and-File Members.

Strategic Research & Campaigns

The Strategic Research & Campaigns Department develops innovative strategies and campaigns to help win justice and better treatment for workers who want Teamster representation. To help address this challenge, the Department of Strategic Research and Campaigns was created with the primary mandate of countering vicious and sophisticated anti-worker, anti-union campaigns from the management of national and multi-national companies.

Training & Development

The department creates programs and materials to train Teamster officers, staff, stewards, and members on topics of concern for the Union. The department works to encourage member involvement in securing better contracts, organizing new members, winning better laws, and strengthening local unions.