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Captain Scott Hegland

Captain Scott Hegland is a former 21-year airline pilot for Midwest Airlines. He began his union work three months after being hired, working as a member on an organizing committee to gain union representation at Midwest. Scott was appointed to Midwest’s first negotiating committee in 1998. In January of 1999 he became the chairman of Midwest’s Negotiating Committee while also holding positions as Executive Administrator of Local Council 30, Temporary Scheduling Chairman and Merger Chairman.

In 2002, Scott was selected by Capt. Duane Woerth to serve as Air Wisconsin's Strike Oversight Board (SOB) representative. The SOB responsibilities included the budgeting and management of the finances committed by ALPA for the 30-day cooling off period and the potential of self help activities.

In 2006, Scott was again selected by Capt. Woerth to become a member of ALPA's National Collective Bargaining Committee. The committee was responsible for the development of pattern bargaining concepts and negotiating assistance to all of the airlines represented by ALPA. The committee also assisted in holding negotiating conferences with ALPA and other independent airlines to foster cross-union sharing of negotiating concepts and representational activities.

In October, 2008, Scott was asked by Capt. David Bourne to join him at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. As the international representative for all flight deck crewmembers, Scott’s responsibilities include legislative affairs interests for flight deck crewmembers, negotiations, grievances and arbitrations, and assisting local unions, Pilot Executive Councils and their committees with their activities.