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Chris Moore

Chris is a licensed A and P and has been a mechanic at Continental Airlines since 1986. Stationed at IAH the entire 26 yrs, he became a Teamster in 1997 and then a shop steward three years later. After four years as chairman of the Teamsters Aviation Mechanic Coalition, Chris joined the Airline Division in 2011 as an international representative. Chris has worked on every version of the 737 (100 thru 900), from gear changes to engine changes, DC – 9 / MD 80, DC10, A300, 727, 747, 757, 767 and, in the last few years, on the 777 phase A ck line. He held AW release on all models and was taxi-qualified on all but the 747, DC10 and A300. Most of his years in the industry were spent on graveyard shift working either out-of-service or PSV crew. Chris also spent a couple of years on the Tech Support crew where he worked aircraft with “chronic” problems. From 1986 through 1990, Chris was part of the IAH engine change crew where, along with normal line maintenance duties, his crew performed most of the scheduled and unscheduled engine changes in their region.

A chief steward with the Teamsters from 2004 to 2007, Chris chaired the IAH Maintenance Safety Committee for the union side for six years. The safety committee, which today is known at a Safety Action Team, was a cooperative effort between the Union and Continental Airlines.

In addition to serving as an IBT representative with the Airline Division, Chris is also the Safety Coordinator and currently works on evaluating Teamster programs and determining what new programs are needed for our members. Chris is assigned to United to help streamline the merging of two separate safety programs from the union perspective. Finally, Chris is working with John Goglia on a “Go Team” manual that will cover all represented classes and crafts at all of the airlines represented by the Airline Division.