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Hope at American with the Teamsters

A few years ago, mechanics and related at United Airlines were in a situation similar to the one we face today at American Airlines. UAL was in bankruptcy and workers were furloughed while thousands of mechanic and related jobs had been outsourced. On top of that, the workforce at UAL suffered years of concessionary bargaining under the IAM and then AMFA.

But this video tells another story. It's the story of what happened at United when mechanics and related brought in the Teamsters as their bargaining representative. Our brothers and sisters at UAL have taken the time to tell us that story in this video.

What happened at United with the Teamsters gives us hope. Even in the most despairing situation, the UAL mechanics and related workers were able to do what seemed impossible before. Thanks to the power and strong representation of the Teamsters, the workers pulled themselves out of that situation and now have one of the strongest contracts in the industry - one that protects their jobs from outsourcing, strengthens the grievance process and restores safety programs. This is exactly the kind of representation we need and deserve at AA.

Watch the video now and share it with your coworkers. Then sign a card and get involved in the campaign to become members of the largest and strongest aviation maintenance union - the Teamsters!

There IS hope! The Teamsters will fight for us!

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