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UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics Update - November 24, 2014

The negotiating committee met on November 20 at Local 19 in Houston to discuss how to proceed with negotiations. This meeting was convened as a result of last week’s call with the Airline Division. The thirteen member committee debated the merits of several different ideas throughout the day.

In the end the committee decided that they were willing to proceed immediately under the following conditions;

  1. It is the company’s turn to present a comprehensive proposal.
  2. The negotiations must be moved out of Chicago so that neither side is home during each session.
  3. Bargaining must return to line-by-line language proposals instead of bullet pointing concepts.
  4. The committee is willing to reduce the size for face to face bargaining to seven: 3 from sub UA, 3 from sub CO and 1 from sub CMI with the understanding that all 13 would be required for to vote on all agreed upon items.
  5. The committee would like to meet without the oversight of the mediator.

The makeup of the seven at the table will change depending on the issue. For instance, if there are members that are subject matter experts on a particular Article, the committee will chose those members to lead the discussions on that Article.

There was one housekeeping item as Mike Moats from Cleveland was recently elected as President of Local 964. Because of that, the newly elected Chief Steward in Cleveland will replace Mike. The committee congratulated Mike on his election and wished him well in his new position.

In analyzing how we move forward, there was a discussion on TeamCare. The committee is waiting on finalized numbers that should be available soon. The committee wanted to be clear that no final decision has been made in regards to this healthcare plan. The reason the committee is exploring this as a possible option is that none of the committee are convinced the plan the pilots, ramp, and customer service agreed to is the most efficient or affordable option. If TeamCare is the option the negotiating committee chooses moving forward more information will be made available.

After the committee chose all their options for moving forward Chief Negotiator called Division Director Bourne in order that he could pass the wishes of the committee to the company.  Clacy Griswold was informed on the call that the NMB will be calling the parties to Washington DC the week of December 1 for a status update. However, at the time of the writing of this report an official notice had not yet been received.   

All Members Urged to Update Their Addresses

Members on furlough are advised to keep their addresses current with the company while on layoff. It is predicted that there will be many movements this year and there have been several members that have been removed from the seniority list because old addresses were on file when notices were sent.

If you are in touch with a furloughed member, please forward this information to them. Updates may be emailed to: The ESC will provide a fax number and ask members to send the address change accompanied with a signature.

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