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Airline Division News, Memorial Day 2015

National AMT Day

Sunday May 24 was National AMT day and the TAMC and the Teamsters Airline Division would like to take a moment to recognize our thousands of Aviation Maintenance Technicians.  

Your hard work and dedication to aviation safety is without a doubt a corner stone in the success of our outstanding industry safety record. The day honors the birthday of Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight and the man who designed and built the engine that powered the first successful Wright Brothers airplane. 

On this day we of the Airline Division pause to remember the many men and women who have come before us. It is through their unwavering commitment to continually improve aviation safety standards that have brought about many of the processes and procedures in use today.  

As you move through your careers; you have met the challenge of contributing to improving safety as will the generations that follow you, because as Aviation Maintenance Technicians that is what you do. In the hangars, on the line, in the backshops, in the blistering heat, freezing cold and the pouring rain, in the dead of night and the light of day, one thing never changes and that is your commitment to the safety of those who fly on the Aircraft you maintain. 

You have to get it right every time.  

Thank you for all you do!

Express Jet Negotiations Update

Since Express Jet’s change in management, there have been a number of meetings between the new executives and Teamster leaders.  The parties have discussed the status of contract negotiations, how to move forward and the status of the different contract articles that need to be resolved. 

An agreement was made to resume negotiations the week of June 8th; however the Company has informed the Union that it will not provide transportation to and from negotiations to the teamster rank and file members of the negotiating committee. 

Although not contractually mandated; Express Jet has in the past, as most carriers do, provided transportation to facilitate the negotiation process. To not do so is neither practical nor appropriate, as the mechanics who give their time and energy to achieve a fair contract for them and their coworkers need to be able to know they will arrive on time to participate in the negotiations and then return to their respective bases to resume their normal activities.  

Faced with this situation, the union has the Company that the planned dates would have to be cancelled and the parties will work to resolving the issue and plan new dates and appropriate locations. 

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory 

The Federal Aviation Administration is rolling out a new program that will allow pilots to file flight paths, receive updates and coordinate with control towers all through a data connection. The program will speed up departure times, especially during bad weather, because the control tower can update a number of planes at once.  

During a recent U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the NextGen air traffic control system, Sen. John Thune, R.-S.D., said, "Efforts to modernize [air traffic control] hardware and software have made some progress recently, but the long view indicates modernization programs have often taken too much time and cost too much." Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, said that he is "aware of the criticisms of the FAA’s implementation of NextGen," but he told lawmakers the incremental improvements are paying off for airline passengers.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

Southwest Airlines has added eight new flights from Dallas Love airport alone in the past year, as well as at airports across the country. Its latest route is non-stop from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Orlando, Fla., beginning Nov. 1.  

At least 18 airlines, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines, will not carry  shipments of lithium-ion batteries, and the International Civil Aviation Organization is working to develop new shipping standards to ensure safe transport of the batteries.  

UPS will donate its logistics skills and warehousing services for the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles, July 25 through August 2. The games are expected to attract 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches.

 Memorial Day 2015

On this day, set aside to ask us each to remember and honor those who have fallen in defense of our nation, we of the Airline Division hope that you will join us in remembrance of those who have worn the uniforms of our nation and sacrificed to allow us to be free.  

In their honor and memory, the offices of the Airline Division will be closed today and reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26th.