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Airline Division News, Week Ending May 30, 2015

NetJets Controllers, Technicians and Related Update

The NetJets Negotiating Committee worked internally through the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday writing a counter proposal to Article 22- (Classification), and finalizing the union language on MCC Classification. Along with Article 22, the Committee also finished their proposal on Article 20 – (Training) with emphasis on incorporating existing LOA language into the Article.

The Union and the Company have set tentative the week of July 6 to continue negotiations.

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

In a letter to his cabinet members, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has expressed concern over the effect of subsidized airlines. While he welcomes the additional options they can bring to Chicago and its two major airports, he is concerned that allowing foreign airlines too much access could negatively affect U.S. carriers.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

American Airlines' new slogan, #NewAmerican, came about with its merger with US Airways, but it has a deeper meaning and potential effect on passengers, according to this blogger on Jaunted. The author describes a recent pleasurable flying experience on the airline and reports that he believes the slogan connotes something intangible, that "Care Factor" that can make passengers excited about flying again.

Airline stocks  were down last week as investors feared airlines were expanding too quickly. Analyst Daryl Genovesi thinks they may have overreacted, he says the investment allows for "better utilization of the existing asset base," and encourages buying stock so long as airlines capital investments don't exceed forecasts.