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Airline Division News, Week Ending July 4, 2015

“Safe Skies Act of 2015” Bill Filed

On June 18, the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association (CAPA), announced that Barbara Boxer e-introduced the "Safe Skies Act of 2015" (S.1612) in the 114th Congress, along with co-sponsors Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).  

CAPA has long advocated "One Level of Safety" for our nation's passenger, all-cargo and supplemental pilots and believes that the flight-time/duty-time (FT/DT) rules create a second tier of safety that is wholly unacceptable and runs counter to what these rules were intended to address. Fatigue does not discriminate between types of operations, aircraft or what is being carried on the aircraft, and neither should safety regulations. This is particularly true for all-cargo operators, charter operators and operators that transport our nation's military personnel.  Source: CAPA

Executive Councils of ABX, Atlas, Kalitta and Southern Unite to Stop Whipsawing by DHL Worldwide 

Seeking to stop the attempts to whipsaw pilot groups against each other and driving down the value of collective bargaining agreements, the ExCo’s of carriers who operate for DHL; all members of Local 1224 have undertaken a joint plan to support each other in ongoing and future negotiations. In a message to the membership, they said the following: 

“The leadership of the Local 1224 ACMI carriers that operate a substantial part of the DHL network is committed to improving the working conditions, compensation, and benefits for our members in order to provide them with a stable, productive and rewarding aviation career.  We are no longer interested in being only a final stop for aging aviators or a brief stepping stone for young pilots just looking to gain experience.   

ABX and Kalitta are currently negotiating new contracts and Atlas and Southern will enter into contract negotiations within the next year.  While the membership of each carrier is free to prioritize and negotiate their contractual needs, by coordinating our efforts we will stop the race to the bottom that has infected the piloting profession for far too many years.  To that end, for the first time in DHL’s history of pitting one American carrier against another, we are banding together as one and for the good of all.  

As an individual pilot, you may feel powerless and individual members of each carrier may wonder what can be done to reverse the descent.  What can be done is a well-integrated plan combining the power of collective bargaining with the fortitude of labor action that will provide the desired outcome.   

The Local 1224 leadership has been researching all the legal aspects concerning DHL’s business relationships with our carriers; you will hear from President Wells on that subject.  Meanwhile, we are uniting our pilot group in opposition to DHL’s plan, which is to undermine your power to bargain for a fair contract.  We have already experienced DHL’s intentions to lower the bar during the 737 start-up, by moving aircraft amongst our carriers disrupting the lives of our members and, most recently, supporting the creation of an entity whose sole purpose is to undermine our work. 

With over 750 pilots flying the DHL network out of the Cincinnati hub, we have the collective power to bargain for needed contractual improvements and job security for our members.  DHL demands stability in their system; we in turn, also demand stability in our careers and our profession.  

Your Executive Council is asking for your support in achieving these goals.   

The time has come for us to stand up for the profession and ourselves.  We must remain united in our opposition to corporate maneuvers that cause instability in our careers and the lives of our families.” 

Commenting on the message, Airline Division Director Captain David Bourne said, “The unity shown by these ExCo’s is an excellent example of trade unionism at its finest. Each of these carriers has established a record of outstanding service for DHL Worldwide and they are now standing shoulder to shoulder to ensure that they are not whipsawed as DHL seeks to pit them against each other over wages, benefits and work rules in their upcoming contract negotiations.  

I applaud the ExCo’s of Local 1224 and Local President Dan Wells for standing up to yet another attack on pilots’ contracts. They have now and will continue to have, the full support of the Airline Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters,” he concluded. 

NetJets Dispatchers Negotiations Continue

The NetJets Negotiating Committee met last week with the company on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Union Hall and on Thursday at Bridgeway II. 

The Company countered Article 7 (Vacations and Holidays) and passed Article 22 (Management Rights), which were countered by the union. Work continued to work on Article 18 (General), but the Article as a whole remains open until the end for future possible additions.  Articles 15 (Grievances) and Article 16 (Arbitration) were passed to the company, with a Tentative Agreement reached on Article 16. 

Flexjet and Flight Options Pilots Celebrate Independence Day, File for Single Carrier Status

July 4, 2015 marks the beginning of a new era for Flight Options and Flexjet pilots. Today, IBT Airline Division, in cooperation with Local 1108, proceeded with filing a petition with the National Mediation Board (NMB) to determine if Flight Options, LLC and Flexjet, LLC constitute a “single transportation system.”  

In 2013 Directional Aviation Capital (DAC), the parent company of Flight Options, acquired Flexjet from Bombardier triggering the process required by Section 1 of the Flight Options Pilots Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Since then, the Union leadership has been fully engaged in evaluating the steps that OneSky, the holding company of both Flight Options and Flexjet, has taken since the acquisition. It was inevitable that a single carrier determination would be requested; despite management’s repeated statements that the IBT would never file such petition with the NMB.  

“This is a milestone for ALL of the pilots involved, Local 1108 and the Airline Division. Brother and Sister pilots of Flight Options and Flexjet,” said Frederick Dubinsky, International Representative for the Airline Division. Now we will go forward with a full campaign to represent all pilots at Flight Options and Flexjet, who will all soon be working together at a single carrier. Together we will work with the pilots as they voice their right for union representation, help them integrate their seniority lists in a “fair and equitable” and help them negotiate for a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA),” he concluded.

Airline Industry News

Airlines, Industry and Labor

United Airlines is preparing to launch a test-flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco powered by biofuels. The plan is to then gradually phase a 30% biofuel blend out to the rest of the fleet.  

Airlines for America says it's confident the U.S. Justice Department investigation into airfare pricing will find that "our members compete vigorously every day, and the traveling public has been the beneficiary." 

FedEx is  seeking approval to continue the acquisition of TNT, expand European operations.


In recognition and remembrance of Independence Day, the offices of the Airline Division are closed today. We extend our best wishes to each of you and your families as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. The offices will reopen for regular business on Monday, July 6th.