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Airline Division New, Week Ending, August 1, 2015

UAL Talks Continue

The parties met in Las Vegas the week of July 27, 2015 at the direction of Mediator McGuckin. The process of working in subcommittees continued through the session. Several Articles required adjustment/clarification prior to being TA’d. The FST negotiations committee and the Company met through the week to discuss language applying to their craft. The FST negotiation committee will meet with the company September 1st -3rd in IAH.

A special committee on JFK met with Company representatives in ongoing discussions regarding issues surrounding members stationed there.

The tenor of the talks remained positive through the session. Negotiations will resume August 10th in Las Vegas at the direction of the Mediator.

Airline Industry News

Airlines, Industry and Labor

FedEx plans to incorporate the use of wood-based biofuels for its aircraft within two years based on terms of a new agreement between FedEx Express and Red Rock Biofuels. "With our total jet fuel capacity now sold to FedEx and Southwest Airlines, we are building a suite of powerful, global customers that continue to commit to the future of alternative fuels in a market where oil prices are low, providing true validation of our business model and mission," said Red Rock CEO Terry Kulesa.

Southwest Airlines is routinely ranked at the top of customer satisfaction surveys, and it's gotten there by putting its employees first. According to the airline, "We believe that if we treat our employees right, they will treat our customers right, and in turn that results in increased business and profits that make everyone happy."

American Airlines will have a good 2016, according to analyst Adam Levine-Weinberg. Completing the merger with U.S. Airways will allow American to better optimize its flight schedule and drive down the airlines' non-fuel costs.

Southwest brought 120 high school students from across America to its three-day recruiting event in Dallas focused on the children of current employees. "The genius of tapping into this group is that they already love Southwest," said spokeswoman Emily Samuels.

Airline stocks will likely see a big boost with the release of massive second-quarter earnings reports, but all signs point to long-term sustainable growth in the industry. A rise in the global middle class and continued low fuel costs promise success for airlines and their investors.

Hawaiian Airlines has reported $48.8 million in second-quarter profits. Demand for the airline has remained high across all its markets despite a strong U.S. dollar, according to CEO Mark Dunkerley.