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Airline Division New, Week Ending, August 8, 2015

Cape Air Tentative Agreement Announced

This week, the Cape Air ExCo and Negotiating Committee announced that a tentative agreement had been reached to extend the existing CBA to September 2018.  The tentative agreement will now be submitted to the Local’s Executive Board and Airline Division Director for final review before a ratification vote by the members.

Although the current CBA extends to March 2016, this tentative agreement was entered into after lengthy negotiations which began earlier this year and is subject to ratification by the pilots. Highlights of the agreement include:

Pay Rates Increase: Captain and ATR FO pay scales will be increased on 9/1/15, 3/1/16, 3/1/17 and 3/1/18, each time by 2%.  This is in addition to the 3% increase which was implemented earlier this year.  As most pilots move through the scales, the impact of step increases and pay scale increases varies, but in most cases are in excess of 22% over the life of the contract.  First officer increases will be somewhat higher and tied to increases in the MA minimum wage.

Check Airmen and Instructor Overrides Increase:  C-402 override increases to $6/hour.

Hours of Service Changes: 5 on/2 off schedules have been eliminated and all schedules will be either 3/4, 4/3, 4/4 and 3/3. Effective 1/1/16, the maximum scheduled duty day shall be 12.75 hours (13 in EAS markets) and 14 on 3/4 lines.  Pilots may be extended up to 2.5 hours (not to exceed 15) to complete their strips, but are guaranteed 10 hours rest if extended 15 minutes or more.  Depending on the lines, there will be either 16 or 12 guaranteed minimum days off in each 28-day period.

Centralized Basing In Montana: With the October 19, 2015 system bid, all pilots based in Montana will be based in Billings, with hotel and per diem in the out stations paid by the company. This should serve as a substantial improvement in the quality of life of Montana-based pilots.

New SVT Line Construction Parameters: Limits have been agreed upon regarding the length and duty location of SVT lines.

Seaplane Operations: Seaplane operations will now be subject to the CBA and a pathway has been established for current pilots to bid into and be trained for seaplane positions.  Seaplane captain pay rates have been pegged at 10% above 402 captain rates. 

Part-Time Pilots: A new part-time protocol is being adopted, with full protections for full-time flying opportunities.

Duration: As noted, the agreement extends for 3 years to September 15, 2018.  It also provides that either party may reopen negotiations as early as March 15, 2018.

The details of the agreement will be presented to the membership by union representatives over the next few weeks, allowing them a full opportunity to consider the new terms while voting in the ratification process.  The tentative agreement contemplates ratification by August 28, 2015.

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