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Airline Division News, Week Ending September 12, 2015

Atlas Air ExCo files Section 6 Notice

In a message to the membership on Wednesday, Atlas ExCo Chairman Captain Bob Kirchner announced that the union has filed a Section 6 notice regarding the “Union Express Operation LoA” that is part of the current Atlas CBA.  

Contained within the current CBA, the Union Express Operation LoA (USOL) requires management to notify the union 180 days before the start of an “Express” type operation, so that the parties could negotiate appropriate and mutually agreed upon terms relating to that operation.  In March of 2012, Atlas began operating B-767s for DHL in what is clearly defined in the LoA as an Express Operation.  Management failed to do so, in violation of the terms of the LoA and, as Kirchner stated in his message; "completely disregarded the collective bargaining contract."

At a meeting in the Spring of this year, the union approached the company with violation, in hopes of establishing a means to amicably resolve the situation in a prompt manner. Kirchner went on to say, “After our meeting last month with the company it became evident that there was not enough resolve on the part of the company in these informal meeting to achieve a simple and rapid agreement on the many “Express” issues our crews face every day.  These are issues that the negotiators of the 2011 CBA fully anticipated and provided for in this LOA.  The decision was made this week that the union had no choice but to formally file for Section 6 negotiations to move the process forward. 

It had been our hope to move through an expedited agreement relating to this document and the much needed contractual needs of both parties,” he concluded.

September 11, 2014

Once again, we take time to reflect on the events of this day. It seems difficult to accept that a bright, sunny fourteen years ago; a day that should have been like any other, would become a tragic day for our generation that many will remember in the future with, “where were you that day?”

The names, locations and images will always be with us just as our memory of where and what we each were doing. As we remember, let each of us re-commit to the memories of our fellow employees, the families and friends of those who were lost that day. And let us live each day as a celebration of their lives, refusing to surrender to those who committed those senseless acts and never giving in to the fear they hoped to instill in us.

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

A Department of Transportation inspector general report is bolstering the case for Congress to implement transformational reform to Air Traffic Control operations in the United States. "If we want to finally modernize our aviation system, reduce delays, and generate more efficiencies in our skies, we can’t continue to just tinker around the edges," said Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. "We have to take action that transforms the way we do things."

The Transportation Security Administration last week released a 45-page document outlining its "Strategic Five-Year Technology Investment Plan for Aviation Security."

Airlines, Industry and Labor

Boeing has finalized plans for the world’s largest twin engine jetliner, the 777X.

The left GE90 engine on the British Airways Boeing 777 that caught fire on a Las Vegas runway has “multiple breaches of the engine case,” investigators said.

Boeing has received an order from FedEx for 50 aircraft and thus will boost production of the 767  by 25% in 2017. "We are confident the market will support a long-term future for the 767," said Boeing's Brad Zaback.

Atlas Air plans to operate two Boeing 767Fs for DHL Express through Polar Air Cargo Worldwide. "By growing our CMI operations, we continue to diversify our business mix and to drive more predictable revenue and earnings streams," said William Flynn, president and CEO of Atlas Air Worldwide.

United Continental Holdings has hired Oscar Munoz as President and CEO. Munoz previously served as president and chief operating officer of CSX Corp.

American Airlines has hired 8,700 workers so far in 2015, the carrier's largest hiring spree in more than a decade. "We're now in position where if you want to build a career at American, the company will be here for you for the length of your career," says CEO Doug Parker in a video welcoming new employees.