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UAL, CAL, CMI Mechanic Process Update

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Teamster Airline Division Representatives Clacy Griswold and Bob Fisher, along with Rank and File committee member John Laurin who is acting as the committee scribe and historian, met with Company Reps Marcel Delhommeau, Kellee Allain, and Nate Kramer to receive the Company’s proposal. Most of the paper package was received over the two-day meeting. There are still some outstanding LoA’s that the Company is finalizing which we expect to have later this week or early next week.

The reason for the delay of the final documents is that the parties were working on language for much of the document, but there were several other items that were passed in term sheet format with language to be finalized after the concepts were agreed upon. Several items that were not agreed upon require the Company to finish the language prior to presenting the proposal to the membership. It is important that this paper package is received and archived for both historical purposes as well as for any future negotiations or arbitrations that may arise.

There will be a meeting of the Rank and File committee next Thursday in Houston to review the Company’s finalized proposal. Shortly after that meeting the document will be sent to the printer and released online for review by the membership.