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UAL/CAL/CMI Mechanics SPECIAL Update - September 28, 2016

As reported last week; at the direction of the NMB, the negotiating committee and company representatives were summoned to Washington, DC this week to meet with the federal mediators in hopes of resolving the outstanding issues of concern. The meetings started on September 26th with each party explaining their positions to the mediators. The next two days were spent in discussions with both parties explaining their positions and offering potential solutions in order reach consensus on the areas of concern.

As of this afternoon (Wednesday), these discussions were largely complete and the committee was tasked with turning this AIP in to a Tentative Agreement. After some detailed discussion, the committee concluded that the Agreement in Principal has reached all the minimum points required to turn it to an industry leading Tentative Agreement. The TA will be sent to the full membership for ratification.

In the coming weeks, the full and complete TA, along with all accompanying information, will be compiled and checked for errors by members from the committee. Once this task is accomplished, we will then make it available electronically and through mail to all eligible voting members.

We will keep you updated as progress is made.