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Airline Division News, Week Ending May 20, 2017

Outstanding Career noted as Deputy Division Director Retirement is announced

On Friday, in a message to the membership, Airline Division Director David Bourne announced the following: 

It is with a mixture of sadness and happiness that I announce the retirement of Airline Division Deputy Director Steven Nagrotsky.  

Steve joined the Airline Division as Deputy Director after decades of outstanding work representing pilots with ALPA, and was extremely well respected among his peers and pilots for his knowledge and fierce protection of trade unionism. Bringing those skills here to the Airline Division, he was a key member of the team that accomplished so much in bringing stronger contracts and a better quality of life to our members. While we will all miss his dedication, focus and keen sense of humor, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Steve well in retirement and congratulate him on an outstanding career. He has been a valuable asset to the Airline Division and will be sorely missed.   

Assistant Director Assumes New Position as Deputy Director

With the announcement of the retirement of Deputy Director Steven Nagrotsky, Airline Division Director David Bourne has announced the promotion of Assistant Director Allynn Allen to the position of Deputy Director, Airline Division. 

Ms. Allynn has worked at the IBT for over 17 years and has held various positions throughout the organization.  She has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a MBA from the University of Maryland.  She also graduated from Airline Mediation and Arbitration Training at Pepperdine University. Commenting on Ms. Allen’s promotion, Division Director Bourne said, “Already a part of our team, Allynn will bring her years of experience and through knowledge of our Division’s membership to bear as she assumes her new role.” 

Organizational Structure Changes to the Airline Division Announced

The Airline Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has announced several changes to its organizational structure. 

In a message to the membership of the Division; now over 95,000 members, Airline Division Director announced the following: 

“Since General President Hoffa asked me to assume the Directorship of the Airline Division, it has been my focus to grow the Division and make it an asset not only to the International, but for our members. In that time, working with an outstanding team both here in Washington and at our Locals, we have seen membership grow three-fold over the past few years.  

As I said, this would not have been possible without the support and leadership of General President Hoffa, General Secretary – Treasurer Ken Hall and a fantastic group of trade unionists here who work every day to support our members. 

Today, I am pleased to announce three new positions within the Division.  These positions; National Coordinators will represent the specific class and craft members. 

The National Coordinator for the Flight Attendants and Customer Service employees will be Kimberly Barbaro.  Ms. Barbaro, a former flight attendant, has experience working with the ramp, catering, customer service, customer relations and training.  She has helped organize the Teamsters at America West and then American Airlines.  She held positions as both a Shop Steward and Business Agent.  She currently serves as the co-chair of the CWA-IBT Passenger Service Association and is the President of Teamsters Local 104. 

Mark Niles will be the National Coordinator for the Pilots.  Mr. Niles, a former pilot, serves as a Check Airman for Horizon Air.  He oversees FOQA, ASAP, Pro Standards and HIMS at Horizon Air as an Executive Council member, and has helped negotiate pilot contracts at several airline properties.  He currently serves as the Vice President of Teamsters APA Local 1224. 

Vinny Graziano will be the new National Coordinator for the Mechanics and Related. Mr. Graziano’s aviation career began at Sikorsky Aircraft in 1987, working on the SH3H Search and Destroy refurbish project as an Overhaul Technician. After leaving Sikorsky Aircraft he joined Pan Am as an Aircraft Sheet Metal Technician, re -skinning the 747 at JFK Airport briefly before moving on to Continental Airlines in 1988 as a Aircraft Line Technician.  

Mr. Graziano was involved with and helped play a vital role in organizing to certify the Teamsters as the representatives of Technicians and Related for Continental Airlines.  After the Teamsters became certified in 1997, he participated in negotiating the first collective bargaining agreement, along with several other CBA’s between Continental Airlines and the IBT. His resolve to become a unionist comes from his family where both parents were long time Teamsters, believing and teaching that a strong union contract brings prosperity and a better quality of life for you and your family. 

Serving as a long standing Chief Steward, he then went on to become an Assistant BA in 2007 sitting on various committees such as Scope, Health and Welfare and Grievance among others. Mr. Graziano then went on to become and remains a Business Agent for Local 210 in New York City. 

All National Coordinators will report directly to the Division Director.  Each of these Coordinators has had extensive experience working with the membership in their respective areas and brings unique talents to their jobs that will be a tremendous asset to you, our members.   

Captain Bourne to walk for "iPods for Wounded Veterans"

This June, Captain David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division will once again take part in an effort to raise awareness and support our nations wounded veterans. In order to raise money for our wounded servicemen and women, Dave will be part of a team that includes Dr. Jim Kimball, the IBT’s Director of Economics and Research that will be walking in support of iPods for Wounded Veterans, a group founded by Teamsters and joined by members of the DAV and VFW. 

Together, they will join a group trekking across the heartland of England. All funds raised will go to the iPods for Wounded Veterans charity. This will be Director Bourne’s second trek, having accomplished a walk across Scotland last year. 

iPods for Wounded Veterans was founded in 2011 and to date has made 15 trips from Boston to the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and the Traumatic Brain Injury Unit at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The all-volunteer 501(c) (3) organization has also visited Veterans' hospitals in Tampa and Orlando, Florida and Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia.  

Thanks to the support and generosity of Teamsters Local’s 170,122, 677, 769, 795, 633, 695, 25, 289, 554, 570, 579, 653, 734, 251; the Airline Division, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Ways and the Bakery and Laundry Conference; they have distributed over 2,000 electronic components, including iPods, iPads, Bose headphones, Skull Candy earbuds and numerous iTunes gift cards and magazines. 100% of the donations made to iPods for Wounded Veterans go to the wounded veterans. 

A small donation or the gift of time spent volunteering will make a big impact on a wounded warrior's recovery. For more information on how you can participate or donate, contact Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw at: . And make sure to "like" the IVW Facebook page as well at:

NMB Denies Single Carrier Petition for ABX 

In a ruling issued this week, the NMB has denied the request by ABX pilots, to determine that both ABX and ATI be considered a single transportation system or “single carrier” for the craft or class of Flight Deck Crewmembers under the RLA. 

ABX pilots are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, APA Local 1224 and the pilots of ATI are represented by ALPA. Both are owned by ATSG, who is engaged in whipsaw negotiations against the ABX pilots who are currently in Section 6 discussions with management. 

In a message to the membership, Captain Rick Ziebarth, ABX Executive Council Chairman said: 

“While we are disappointed with this decision, we will continue to negotiate scope language that addresses crew members’ concerns regarding our future under the ATSG umbrella.  ATSG management believes that whipsawing one pilot group against another provides them with leverage.  We know that it is an unproductive obstacle in concluding a CBA that will benefit all stakeholders.”  

The next scheduled meeting with management May 31st to June 2nd.

Kalitta 2 pace reported "extremely slow" 

The Negotiating Committee for the pilots of Kalitta 2 met with representatives of the company Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The pace continues to be extremely slow, with little progress made. The parties exchanged counter-proposals on a Scheduling section and while the union’s language is standard for the industry, the company has proposed language not seen in any collective bargaining agreement. The company has proposed that if conditions exist that adversely impact its ability to serve its customers it has the right to “reconfigure” the awarded lines, develop new lines and assign those lines. According to the proposal, they may do so before or after bids have been awarded, and the bid period has begun. The only requirement is that they do so “in consultation with the Union.”   

The company has also refused to award additional flying to volunteers in seniority order. They have also advised the union that all crew members may be required to work on days off, should the company’s needs require it. 

Horizon Voting for LoA ends May 23rd

As a reminder for all Horizon pilots, voting for their Tentative LoA closes next Tuesday, May 23.   

Voting instructions and a unique voting code were sent to each member in good standing from Election America.  If you have not received the email, please first check your spam folder.  If you do not find it there, please email to Jenna Sheeley at

LOA:  First Officer Wage Scales and New Hire Ratification Bonus Payments

LOA: Economic Analysis – published April 24, 2017 

Notice of Referendum – published April 26, 2017 

Airline Industry News 

Governmental and Regulatory 

The conflict over management of the US air traffic control (ATC) system is back in full swing.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has come out in support of putting air traffic control under a private entity. The Defense Department is assessing its links with the ATC system to "ensure privatization efforts going forward preserve our national security interests."

Airlines, Industry and Labor

American Airlines plans to install premium economy cabins across its entire long-haul fleet. Premium economy debuted aboard American's 787-9 Dreamliners.

Boeing is operating 737 MAX flights using CFM International LEAP-1B engines unaffected by the issue that prompted a May 10 suspension of all MAX flying.

Growth in worldwide air cargo traffic reached its highest level in nearly seven years as March FTKs expanded 14% compared to a year ago, according to IATA’s March Air Freight Market analysis. Freight capacity increased 4.2% during the month, leading to a total market freight load factor of 47.4%, up 4.1 points year-over-year.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA), which represents UK flight crew, has warned that banning laptops in the cabin creates “catastrophic fire” potential.

Berkshire Hathaway bought more shares of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines in the 2017 first quarter.

GE Aviation has started the 18-month certification program for the GE9X engine that will exclusively power the Boeing 777X.