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Airline Division News, Week Ending June 4, 2018

Management Anti-Union Campaign forces Decertification vote at Flexjet

In response to the results of the decertification vote at Flexjet, the ExCo released the following statement to the membership:

“Local 1108 has represented Flight Options pilots since 2006 and the combined group of Flight Options and Flexjet pilots since 2015. As you know, due to an aggressive campaign by management, the majority of pilots were not convinced of the benefits of collective bargaining. The final tally reflects that result.

Today, we received notice from the NMB that the election results have been certified. Effective immediately, all OneSky pilots are no longer covered by the MCBA or any other Letters of Agreement negotiated by the Union. Union attorneys are reviewing the status of pending grievances and litigation. We will issue additional information on this subject in the near future.

Reconciling the differing view of pilots about how to handle pay, benefits working conditions at OneSky has been a multi-year struggle. However, we respect the majority has decided they do not wish to have a bargaining representative as permitted by the Railway Labor Act. Your voices have been heard, your choice has been made and Local 1108 will respect that decision.

The Union will not to file interference allegations with the National Mediation Board or seek a re-run election. Many of you share our belief that union representation is essential for maintaining professional independence, high safety standards, protection from the negative effects of mergers and acquisitions, and good pay, benefits and working conditions. While we continue to support those that seek the benefits of collective bargaining, we will not pursue an organizing effort at OneSky at this time.

We encourage each of you to follow the required Federal Aviation Regulations and company policies in the interest of safety and job security. Please remain respectful to your peers, work to improve the success of the company and continue to conduct yourselves as the true professional aviators that you are.

It has truly been an honor to serve all of you.”

“A tremendously humbling experience” Airline Division Director and Director of Economics Visit Wounded Troops

Recently, Airline Division Director David Bourne and International Brotherhood of Teamsters Director of Economics and Contracts Dr. James Kimball joined with iPods for Wounded Veterans volunteers do visit with wounded veterans who are recuperating from war injuries at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

In addition to bringing letters of thanks and cheer from over 1000 schoolchildren from Florida and the Northeast U.S., they distributed electronic tablets, notepads, iPods, music download cards and other items paid for by donations to the organization and donated by manufacturers.

“Being able to again spend time with these amazing men and women is a tremendously humbling experience,” said Division Director Bourne. “Every time we do this, we meet the best, most amazing and selfless men and women of our nation. They smile through the pain and show a determination that can’t be put into words. To have the chance to meet with and talk to them; and offer something that helps them communicate with family and friends while they are here, or just music to listen to while undergoing the grueling rehabilitation that sometimes lasts years, is an honor.”

On the far left, Director of Economics and Contracts Dr. James Kimball and on the far right, Airline Division Director Captain David Bourne join with some of the many soldiers and wounded veterans they met at the National Naval Medical Center.

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

Russian cargo carriers are set to bear the brunt of new requirements imposed by the US Department of Transport (DOT) in a tit-for-tat response to Russia’s “failure” to grant overflight rights to US airlines.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

FedEx has launched the Purple Runway project to give pilots working at its feeder companies a boost when they apply to fly the company's own big jets. The program benefits the feeder companies by helping them recruit motivated pilots.

Alaska Airlines Cargo plans to increase its cargo capacity by 40% by using the 70 Airbus a320 and a321 aircraft it acquired from Virgin America. Alaska is testing systems integration and running mock flights and will begin cargo operations on the new fleet beginning June 19.

The sorry tale of Atlas Air and its pilots – a change of focus is needed.

Lars Winkelbauer leaves DHL to rejoin Polar Air as Robert Hyslop moves from Polar Air to DHL.