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Allegiant Air Mechanics Dispatch

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Negotiating Committee met with the Company on December 3rd and 4th at Allegiant Headquarters. The Union and the Company were able to reach TA’s on Articles 13 Health and Safety and 21 Union Representation. We worked on and passed Article 4 Seniority which is nearly complete. In addition, we spoke to several members to get feedback for Article 3 Classifications. Thanks to those members that donated their time to help with this very important Article.

This has been a very productive year of negotiations. We have worked through much of the language and are getting close to economics. This is our last scheduled round of negotiations for 2019 and your Committee would like to thank you for supporting us throughout.

We’d also like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

Negotiations will resume in February of 2020.


Your Negotiating Committee

In attendance for the Union: International Representatives Bob Fisher (Chair), Captain Paul Alves and Chris Moore; Business Representatives, Tom Esposito (769), Mike Moats (964) and Gregg Vandagriff (104); rank and file members Collin Coffman (IWA), Brad Yokie (SFB) and Floyd Espinoza (LAS).


In attendance for the Company: Lead Negotiator Bill Fishburn (Director Labor relations), AAY staff members, Ken Brumfield, Dustin Call, Darren Ridge, Hayden Bardon


Brothers and Sisters,

The AAY negotiating survey is now open. We will keep it open from July 9 through July 23. Once we’ve had a chance to compile all of the survey responses, we can start building the framework of what will be your first contract. We will work with the rank and file and your business agents to put together our opening position.

We would like to be in a position to start direct negotiations with the company in mid-to-late August. Once we have finished the first round of talks we’ll report back to you with a negotiations update via the AAY Mechanics Dispatch.

You can use this link: or just go to the “Allegiant Air Mechanics” button at  to complete the survey. Please encourage all of you co-workers covered by the agreement to participate. That list includes Technicians and Leads, Material Specialists and Leads, Maintenance Controllers and Maintenance Control Supervisors, QC, QC Heavy Maintenance, QC Reps, Tech Support and Work Control Clerks.

We are excited to be moving forward and appreciate your continued support as we negotiate your first contract.


Your AAY Mechanics Negotiating Committee


Welcome to the Allegiant Mechanics dispatch. This will be a semi-regular publication to keep you informed of our progress during negotiations, as well as providing you with additional information as needed.

The dispatch will be posted at and most likely to your local union’s website. In addition to this, the dispatch will be e-mailed to everyone for whom we have an e-mail address. If you have co-workers who wish to be added, please have them send their contact information to with the subject line “Allegiant MX Dispatch.” To opt out, simply click on the link at the bottom of this e-mail. No company e-mail addresses will be accepted. 

Each Allegiant Air (AAY) station has been assigned to a Teamsters Airline Division local union. Your local’s business agent will be your point of contact for all union matters going forward. The following is a breakdown of local unions and business agents by station:

Teamsters Local 769 – All Florida Stations: 
Tom Esposito
Office: 305-642-6255                      
Cell: 305-409-1128  

Teamsters Local 986 – LAS, LAX, BLI: 
Dave Elmore
Office: 702-385-0995   
Cell: 626-636-5159                   

Teamsters Local 104 – IWA, OKC:  
Gregg Vandagriff 
Office: 602-272-5561 
Cell: 602-321-5086                    

Teamsters Local 210 – PIT, AVL:
Bob Luciano 
Office: 212-757-3463 
Cell: 609-709-1091                    

Teamsters Local 964 – CVG: 
Mike Moats 
Office: 440-243-8715 
Cell: 216-857-0763                     

Teamsters Local 135 – IND:   
Jeff Combes       
Phone: 317-639-3541
Cell: 317-753-3276                     

Here is a brief negotiating update:

We are in the early stages of forming the basis of what you will see and vote on in your first contract.

Your business agents, International Representatives and the Airline Division’s legal and economic representatives met in Las Vegas on May 15 to lay out a plan to get to the table so we can begin negotiations as soon as possible. Part of the process is for the IBT to put together a survey of items and issues that are important to you so we have a baseline on which we can begin negotiations. We have had your local business agents working on that for the last few weeks. We will compile those items into an online survey with the help of your AAY Mechanics leaders. Once the survey is completed we will notify you of the open and close dates so that you can participate in the survey.

With your rank and file committee members, we will then use that data to prioritize your needs and begin drafting our opening proposal to the company.

Using the AAY Mechanics Dispatch we will keep you informed of our meeting dates and progress during contract negotiations.

Negotiating under the Railway Labor Act (RLA) is extremely time consuming. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court once described the process as “interminable.” We relay this information because negotiations can take up to a year and in many cases even longer. The speed with which we reach an agreement for you to vote on is entirely dependent on the company’s willingness to make a fair deal. Fortunately we believe we have a relationship with the company that will allow us to move forward expeditiously.

Remember, there is no deal until you have had a chance to see the complete package and vote on it.


Your AAY Mechanics Negotiation Committee