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GSE “GQ”/FAC “PV” Review Committee Update

Dear GSE/FAC Brothers and Sisters,

Your review committee met with the company in Chicago on May 31, 2018 to discuss issues concerning both GQ/PV departments. Discussions began with how Core Four would be implemented and how this philosophy would better serve the company as well as creating a working environment for employees that constitutes the basic core four principals.

Following the Core Four discussion we begin speaking about “ARC prevention” uniforms.  Cintas is the current vendor and will be furnishing these types of uniforms to stations that require the use for special clothing. Now; the use of such a uniform is extremely uncomfortable and hot, but these types of uniforms must be available when needed and must be worn when needed. Remember ARC flashing is extremely serious and can result in injury or even death.

Throughout the year, department heads will be making station visits meeting with employees and local committees regarding your concerns relating to your respective areas. Please do your due diligence, along with your union steward by explaining your concerns regarding how to improve your departments safety standards, tooling, training etc. Improvement begins with all of us getting involved collectively and expressing how best to improve.

Conversations continued regarding how best the iPad could be used in departments such as ours. Ideas were discussed and the company is committed to reviewing the potential benefits and efficiencies that using this technology can bring. The more tools we have at our disposal the more efficient and safer we become.

Bid areas 108 (Welders) and 109 (Machinist) were discussed with the company in length and fully explained that these two bid areas are independent from one another and must remain separate in accordance with all outlining provisions that are in the agreement. There will be no special considerations for the intermixing of these two bid areas.

As some of you might be aware, there is a new facility being built in Orlando that will be staffed for five (5) GQ Techs, three (3) PV Techs and one (1) Lead Technician. Postings for these positions will commence on or around July of this year. Updates will be furnished once more information is obtained regarding the new facility.

Currently at the Houston base the vendor, JBT is maintaining the baggage system. A request for proposal (RFP) has been maybe, along with staffing models as well as a complete cost analysis. We are hopeful that this analysis can show that it can be cost effective if we do this type of work or part of it in-house. In addition to this, jet bridge maintenance is also being explored which may allow for more flexibility in manpower. We will continue to focus on bringing as much work in-house as long as it shows its cost effectiveness.

On the west coast, United will be vacating the west hanger in Los Angeles and American will be taking it over in the near future. Plans for a new United hanger look promising and will be maintained by those on the Techs Ops seniority list.

In Newark, there is currently an outside vendor who maintains all the hangers as well as the back shop facilities. We will continue to further examine if this work is economically feasible to have union members maintaining these facilities and how best to bring this work in-house if not all then in part.

There has been concern regarding who will maintain the new terminal at LaGuardia airport and how this may affect current manpower. Currently, discussions regarding the scope of work an who will be maintaining this terminal are on-going. Once further details emerge and we get a better understanding on the Port Authority plans then will we update accordingly.

Chicago has a new GSE shop and construction is progressing with the anticipation that September will be the tentative move date, but once there is confirmation of when the shop will be ready an update will follow. In addition, there also is a new aircraft MX hanger and facility shop being built and there currently is no confirmed date as when these two facilities will open.

In regards to trade testing; both parties have been in discussion and the trade testing curriculum has been reviewed in part and will be presented to all the Business Agents throughout the system at the next meeting.

Facilities testing still remain an issue of how what type of practical test will be agreed upon and how fairly that test will be administered to all those that wish to bid into Facilities MX. Once that is completed the Business Agents will review and determine the best way to proceed.

Concerns have risen regarding how our Utility Specialists are trained. The company stated that each station has different needs and training revolves around what those at that particular station may be as outlined and not to exceed that which is listed in the collective bargaining agreement.

One area of training that was agreed upon was that of tires. Utility Specialists for GSE will be sent to a two day course regarding tires. We asked that once this course is completed that the DST or Lead work with the Utility Specialist on the different types of tires and wheels we use in order to assure all safety standards and safety precautions are adhered too. Additional work for the Utility Specialist still remains a topic for future discussion and will continue to be reviewed.


Ken Meidinger

Committee Chair


GSE/FAC committee members:

Scott Baroni, Angel Cantu, Allen Cosides, Dion Cornelius, Greg Sullivan