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Airline Division News, Week Ending July 18, 2018

Joint Agreement reached between Aloha, NAC pilots and management

Following an Agreement in Principle (AIP) that was achieved on May 3, 2018, representatives of both pilot groups have notified their memberships of a Tentative Agreement that was reached with management.

In a message to the membership of both carriers dated July 6th, the Negotiating Committees of both carriers said, “Roadshow Meetings were held with the Pilots from both Domiciles over the previous two weeks to explain the terms and details of the Joint Agreement. During these meetings, you had the opportunity to participate in a thorough presentation and group discussions with your negotiators, along with representatives from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Locals 959 and 986, and other individuals who played a part in assisting us in achieving the improvements that are found in this TA.

After the ratification of this TA, the AAC and NAC pilots will become one Pilot group under a single Seniority List. Your Joint Negotiating Committee believes that our pilots should be well compensated and enjoy a high standard of living and continued job security. Our commitment to these principles is found in every Section of this new TA.”

The ratification process is being conducted by an outside company selected by the IBT. The ratification voting period will continue until July 24, 2018, at 2:00 P.M. EDT. At the close of the voting period, the ballots will be counted and the results will be announced.

Atlas Air Management proposes full parity for Southern Air pilots

During discussions in Washington, Atlas Air offered a proposal to bring the crewmembers of Southern Air Cargo, which was purchased by Atlas Air Worldwide; to full contract parity with the crewmembers of Atlas Air. In a message to the membership released by the ExCo and Negotiating Committee said, “As you may know, yesterday members of your Southern Air Pilots EXCO, Atlas Air Pilots EXCO, Local 1224 President Dan Wells, Vice President Cameron Graff along with Airline Division Director David Bourne met with company officials in Washington, D.C. to conduct contract parity negotiations.  We can report that we believe we have reached an agreement in principal with the company on an LOA that would bring our counterparts at Southern to parity with Atlas Air pilots, while we continue contract negotiations. The document is detailed and complicated and will require a full review by our representatives and legal team before we can officially confirm we have reached a TA.”

The proposal is currently under review by both the committees and Local 1224 legal staff and will then be put into a final draft form to be presented to the Southern pilot group for a ratification vote. No date has yet been set for a ratification vote as there must first be road shows scheduled to present the document and answer any questions from the membership. Once these dates are finalized, the will be published to the members and in The Week in Review.

Teamsters Decry Supreme Court ruling that rolls back rights of union members

This week, in a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with anti-union advocates attempting to undercut the rights of millions of public employees to negotiate with their employers for a fair return on the value of their work. By backing the plaintiffs in “Janus v. AFSCME,” the high court’s decision is an attempt to limit the collective voices of not only government workers, but those in the private sector as well.

In a press release issued Wednesday after the ruling; General President Jim Hoffa said, “The Supreme Court’s ruling is at a time when so many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet. The Teamsters and our allies in the labor movement will redouble our efforts to ensure that working men and women have a voice on the job through strong unions.”

The median salary for working people represented by labor unions is $11,000 a year more than non-union people who have no right to negotiate.

“By overturning 40 years of judicial precedent, conservative judges endorsed an agenda supported by corporations and the wealthiest in our society to take away the right of public employees to negotiate over wages, benefits and working conditions,” said Michael Filler, Director of the Teamsters’ Public Services Division.


Horizon Pilots Lawsuit against Alaska Air Group dismissed, sent to SBA

The lawsuit filed by Horizon pilots over the company’s violation of the Fleet Commitment Letter; which gave Horizon pilots the exclusive rights to the flying of the new E175 jet fleet, was challenged in court by management, seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed. On July 6th the court ruled in favor of management by dismissing the lawsuit over venue. In a message to the membership, the ExCo said,

“On July 6, 2018, the Honorable Judge Pechman dismissed our lawsuit from federal court. She rejected our position that when Horizon and AAG (Alaska Airlines’ parent company) diverted the five E175’s to SkyWest last fall, they clearly violated our Fleet Commitment Letter of Agreement and thus attempted to change that Letter Agreement without negotiating with us, as the Railway Labor Act (“RLA”) requires.

Instead, she agreed with the company, finding that it presented a plausible interpretation of the Fleet Commitment Letter that arguably justified its diversion decision. In reaching this decision, she did not decide who had the better argument, the company or us. Instead, she decided that the question did not belong in federal court because an arbitrator—or a System Board of Adjustment in RLA parlance—had to make that decision. We respectfully think Judge Pechman’s decision is deeply mistaken.”

Allegiant Strike Authorization Vote Totals Announced

The voting period for the Strike Authorization Vote for Allegiant Air crew members closed n July 6th.  Following are the results of the membership vote:

 YES: 701 (93.5% of the voting members)

NO:  49

 Total Ballots:  750

Total Electorate: 877

Percentage Voted: 85.52% 

The Strike Authorization Vote passed a membership vote by an overwhelming margin.  This vote authorizes the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to call a strike against Allegiant Air in the event it becomes necessary. 

UAL QC Inspector Spells Stress Relief “Point it and Punch it”

Everyone has their own way of unwinding after a long shift. If you’re Brother Dan Stunda, a United Airlines Quality Control Inspector in Houston, you head into the garage.

Along with son Dane, they are on the road again participation in the “Hot Rod Power Tour” sponsored by Hot Rod magazine and Chevrolet with many vendors and sponsors. Their seventh and sixth consecutive tours respectively, they are part of a the largest roving car show in the world; hitting seven cities in seven days, racing in each city before heading to the next. Of the 6,000 applicants, 3000 are selected for the tour. The “Longhaul Gang,” begins each new series where they left off the year before.

Now in its 25th year, this year’s race began in Bowling Green, Kentucky and went to Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, Darlington SC, and Raleigh, NC and ended in Charlotte NC.

As Dan said, “some guys go hunting and fishing- “Lil guy and I run badass rides through the country leaving tire rubber patches, all fun. And we’re already building next year’s rides for 25th anniversary Power Tour 2019 run.

My son Dane and I do Hot Rod Power Tour every year and this was our 7th, 6th consecutive. Hot Rod Power Tour. 7 days 7 cities largest roving car show in world thru the backwoods of the America. Over 6000 entries and upwards of 3000 that do whole tour. The "Longhaul Gang" starts from the city it stops at from prior year.

I try and do different ride every year, said Dan. In 2014 -15 my 15 year old son wanted to build his first ride. We bought 1997 Chevy S-10 in pieces and repowered swap/4l60 with rear under bed turbo along with a complete overhaul and paint job. We completed it three days prior to the start of the tour. Left for the Wisconsin Dells with my sons driving permit was six days old. He drove 80% tour with me as his right seat nav man, ending up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that year, an over 3800 mile round trip.”

When asked what it was like on the tour, he said “It's a total blast running the countryside with six thousand other gearheads with bad ass street rods. Gas fumes, oil and tire smoke. If you do it will change your life.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Brother Dan Stunda and son Dane.

Running a 12.32 ET and 118 at Beech Bend Raceway


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Pilots hired by regional carrier GoJet are guaranteed an interview with air freight company Atlas Air after one or two years of employment. "We are delighted to begin this special relationship with GoJet," said Atlas Air president and chief operating officer John Dietrich.

The age of the freighter is clearly not over– although the 777 is the new aircraft of choice. Orders pledged at the Farnborough Air Show are starting to trickle in.

One of the most recurring questions at Loadstar Towers in recent weeks has been whether a takeover of Atlas Air by Amazon could be on the cards.

The decision by UPS in February to turn 14 options on B747-8 freighters into firm orders was hailed as a lifeline for the iconic type – but it may be the last hurrah for the jumbo.