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Allegiant Air Mechanics Dispatch 112/03/18

Brothers and Sisters,

The IBT International Negotiating Team – Chairman Clacy Griswold, Co-Chair Bob Fisher, International Representatives Paul Alves and Chris Moore, Business Agents Mike Moats of Local 964, Tom Esposito of Local 769, Gregg Vandagriff of Local 104, Dave Elmore of Local 986 and IBT Economist Kyle Schoembs – along with rank-and-file committee members Collin Coffman( IWA), Brad Yokie (SFB) and Tex Geuy (LAS) met at Local 769 in Florida on November 29  to continue the detailed work of putting together the articles that we will pass to the company when we begin direct bargaining. The meetings were extremely productive and the committee completed the remaining articles: Article 5 (Hours of Service), Article 8 (Filling of Vacancies) Article 9 (Reduction of Force and Recall), Article 11 (Sick Leave), Article 14 (Vacation) and Article 15 (Holidays).

Now that we have completed those articles, we will reach out to the company to schedule dates to begin direct negotiations in the near future.

We are excited to be moving forward and we appreciate your continued support as we negotiate your first contract.


Your Negotiating Committee.