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Airline Division News, Week Ending April 19, 2019

Airline Division Participates in SciFest SoCal

Students from all over Southern California participated in the first ever Clippers SoCal SciFest sponsored by USA Science and Engineering. While on a smaller scale than the Washington DC Festival there was no lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Students their Parents or the Exhibitors. The event attracted approximately 40,000 to the LA convention center over the weekend.

The Festival kicked off with Sneak Peak Friday, a day for school groups only. Thousands of students and teachers stopped by the Airline Division Exhibit to learn about careers in Aviation. The kids were able to watch a time lapsed video of a 777 Engine Change, interact with aircraft parts and test equipment, build Teamster model airplanes and speak one on one with Pilots and Mechanics. The students heard first hand what it takes to get a Pilot or Mechanics License and how studying Math and Science while in school will help them achieve that goal.

Saturday’s event was open to the public and drew even more students and families than originally anticipated. A new video loop including a 747 landing gear swing, tire and break changes, CFM-56 engine operation animation and 787 avionics was added, the students and parents were fascinated, many exclaiming “I had no idea”. At one point the entire booth turned into an Airplane Building Station with Teamster Pilots and Mechanics helping the kids build their airplanes while discussing careers, schooling requirements, cost of getting a license, wages and the huge demand now and into the future for Pilots and Mechanics.

On hand for the inaugural event were Airline Division Director and Deputy Director Captain David Bourne and Allynn Allen. AD MX Representatives and TAMC Board members Bob Fisher and Chris Moore and Atlas Air 747 Captains Daniel Wells and Anna Eivor Ivarsson.

“These events are so important as we build our outreach program," said Capt. David Bourne. "Students need the one on one conversations with folks who fly and fix aircraft in order to help them choose a career in Aviation.”

As part of our growing Teamsters Outreach program, Captain Bourne commissioned the Expo Booth which enhances our ability to demonstrate through video and other means the many Teamster aviation careers that exist.  We will be using the booth at events from coast to coast to bring more visibility to the Teamsters Airline Division, TAMC and the need for future Pilots and Mechanics.

(L to R) International Representative Bob Fisher, Airline Division Director Captain David Bourne, Assistant Division Director Allynn Allen, TAMC Chairman Chris Moore and Atlas Air 747 Captains Anna Eivor Ivarsson and Daniel Wells at the SciFest SoCal. 

Captain Ivarsson helping one of the hundreds of students who visited the booth assemble one of the handouts.

Allegiant Air Technicians and Related Negotiations Update

The Allegiant Air Technicians and Related Negotiating Committee met with the Company on April 2nd through 4th at Allegiant Headquarters. The Union and the Company made passes and worked on Articles 12 – (Training), 19- (Grievance Procedure), 20- (Board of Arbitration), 23- (Management Rights) and 24- (Labor-Management Cooperation).

A Tentative Agreement was reached on Article 12- (Training) as well a Protocol Agreement.    

The next negotiations meeting is scheduled for the week of May 14th.

Airline Industry News

FedEx chairman and CEO Fred Smith has joined with the CEOs of Atlas Air Worldwide and JetBlue Airways to strongly rebuke an open letter to US President Donald Trump from the CEOs of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines claiming that Qatar Airways’ stake in Air Italy breaches the US-Qatar Open Skies agreement.

An FAA update of minimum training required for pilots to fly the Boeing 737 MAX will cover the aircraft’s maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS), but simulator sessions will not be needed, a draft of a new report reveals. 

FAA's proposed expansion of rules that aviation maintenance technician schools (AMTS) must follow to train mechanics will not please those in the industry who were hoping for more flexibility and less bureaucracy.

FAA is targeting late May or early June for approving Boeing’s proposed changes to the 737 MAX and issuing an airworthiness directive that would mandate the upgrades and clear the way for US MAX operations to resume, the agency told airline representatives April 12.