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TAMC Chairman Chris Moore Appointed to Serve as a Director of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association

Today, the board of directors of the Professional Aviation Maintenace Association (PAMA) approved the presidential appointment of Chris Moore to serve a two-year term on the board.

Chris Moore is president of The Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC). As founder of TAMC, Moore works tirelessly to advocate for aviation workplace safety and to promote the craft and the intrinsic value of aviation maintenance personnel.

Moore is an FAA-certificated mechanic with over 30 years airline experience. He is an international representative for the Teamsters Airline Division, responsible for negotiating and administering mechanic contracts, overseeing safety programs, and coordinating the Division’s License Protection Program. He is also deeply involved with industry coalitions seeking to find solutions to the current pilot and mechanic shortages.

The PAMA board thanks Chris for his service and looks forward to his contributions.