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United Airline Maintenance Controllers Negotiations Updates - October 24, 2019


Your IBT Negotiation Committee has concluded the first of two sessions of talks scheduled for October 2019.

After seemingly countless deliberations, the Company and the Union have reached an agreement on the Hours of Service Article.  Without question, this Article was a major hurdle to clear.  Your Negotiation Committee believes the language noticeably solidifies current practices while adding enhancements in several areas.

Through tense and difficult compromise, the parties have reached an agreement in principle for the Benefits Article.  The new language will help bring stability to the benefit package we currently enjoy.   

With the two more Articles largely cleared off the table, strong momentum has been generated for next session. The parties plan to TA the Health Benefits Article then resume conversations on the Retirement and Vacation / Holiday’s.

The parties are scheduled to meet next week here in Chicago then reconvene November 20th at the IBT Headquarters in Washington D.C.

In Solidarity,


The Negotiating Committee

Paul McCormick, Dan Morrissey, Bob Fisher, Kyle Schoembs, and Paul Alves