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United Airline Maintenance Controllers Negotiations Updates - October 31, 2019


Your IBT Negotiations Committee has wrapped up the second October session of bargaining with the Company.

As promised, the Company passed initial draft language for the Health and Welfare Benefits Article.  The Company’s pass was submitted for review to the IBT Legal and Health Care specialists in Washington D.C.  Although the language captured the Agreement in Principle attained at the last session, IBT legal counsel had some recommendations that needed to be added before the pass could be TA’d. Representatives from the UAL Benefits group are working to implement the change requests and hopes to be ready to pass final language at the next session.

A formal pass was made to the Company for the Vacation and Holiday Article.  This topic is not new, the parties had extensive deliberations on the bidding and usage topic during 2018 sessions but were unable to come to terms at that time.  The Union has expressed to the Mediator and the Company the essential level of urgency for this topic. Indications are positive that the Company will pass their response electronically in advance of the November session in Washington D.C.

The Committee is confident the Health Benefits Article and the non-economic parts of the Vacation and Holiday Article will be cleared early in the next session.  This clears the way for direct economic discussions to take place.

In Solidarity,


The Negotiating Committee

Paul McCormick, Dan Morrissey, Bob Fisher, Kyle Schoembs, and Paul Alves