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United Airline Maintenance Controllers Negotiations Update - November 22, 2019


Your IBT Negotiations Committee and UAL have concluded two days of mediated talks at the IBT Headquarters building in Washington D.C. We are pleased to announce there has been solid progress this week.

On Wednesday November 20th the Company passed final language on the Health and Welfare Benefits Article. Their updated pass included the modifications requested during the previous bargaining session. After a review of the changes by the IBT Legal Department, the parties were able to officially TA the Health and Welfare Benefits Article.

Work continued Wednesday on the Vacation Bidding and Usage language. Through open exchanges at the bargaining table, the parties were able to come to an understanding on how to frame up language that both sides would be able to tolerate. The Company had this framework language prepared for the start of talks on Thursday Nov 21st. Instead of a traditional paper pass across the table, the parties projected the document on a screen and chiseled through their differences on the fly. This exchange was well documented, including the clarification of exactly what the future intentions may be. The agreed upon language will bring stability to the process for using Vacation & Personal Holidays in the future. Economic pieces of the Vacation & Holiday Article remain open for discussion.

For the month of January, the parties have two weeks of conferences scheduled in Florida. This summit will be economic in nature, we have carved our way through the governmental items of this contract, and are now ready to face off on the economics. It has been expressed from day one that pay parity amongst the UAL Maintenance Controllers and pay parity within the industry is our top priority. There will be no agreement without it.

In Solidarity,


The Negotiating Committee

Paul McCormick, Dan Morrissey, Bob Fisher, Kyle Schoembs, and Paul Alves