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Regarding Reduced Schedule Discussions at United Airlines

Re: Reduced Schedule Discussions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Prior to today's town hall meeting with United Airlines a pre call with your Business Agents took place. There was discussion of voluntary reduced schedule hours on the call. Further the company claimed there was an agreement with IBT leadership that this process could be implemented. That is just not true. 

Our attorneys stated that voluntary reduced schedules are allowed under Article 10 of the CBA because they are voluntary in nature and therefore not a violation of the CBA. Therefore, no agreement would be required to establish voluntarily reduced hours. The company believed the reduced hours were a form of COLA. As required by the CBA the leadership began discussions under Article 10 to discuss benefits associated with this COLA. During these discussions there was an experiment proposed that would take place in two cities to see if the membership had any interest. That was it.

At no time were any proposals discussed to erode the CBA, and to be clear, there will not be any discussions regarding concessions. The CBA was ratified and remains in place. The company has provisions to reduce head count under Article 6. We see no reason to offer any contractual relief.  
Captain David Bourne
Airline Division Director
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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