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A Letter to ExpressJet Members from Teamsters Airline Division Director Capt. David Bourne

July 31, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

It is with deep regret that we must inform you that ExpressJet did not prevail in their quest to generate additional flying from United Airlines. Those of you who stuck it out through the 2008-2017 concessionary period, you are commended. Your phenomenal work ethic and dedication to your craft provided ExpressJet with a superior product throughout that entire time. The company never appreciated that, and even prior to COVID-19 continued to negotiate for wages that were less than the industry standard.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has driven air travel to an all-time low and once again the company approached the union for concessions. The company gave your negotiating committee a truly short timeline of only four days to try and put together a package that you could vote on. Your negotiating committee worked tirelessly on your behalf and produced a package that would get the company the savings it needed. The agreement also included a hard snap-back date so that you would never again have to endure the tactics that ExpressJet employed during the 2008-2017 era. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring this to vote as United Airlines chose not to award the 50-seat flying to ExpressJet.

Currently, we have no details on what the timeline is for ExpressJet flying again. We suspect that the company will be furloughing most of you and closing most of the maintenance stations by October 1 (as indicated in the WARN notices) but they have not shared that timeline with us. We will let you know what the details are as soon as we get them. Look for another communication from us as soon as we hear back from the company.

No matter what the future holds for you know that you will always be Teamsters.



Capt. David Bourne
Director, Teamsters Airline Division


a hard copy of this letter can be found at the link below.



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