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UAL, CAL, CMI Technician Update, September 9, 2020

Dear Brother and Sisters, 

I would like to give you an update regarding an issue that has been raised after the selection process ended by several members and their representatives. As stated in past releases, and as you know, our Reduction In Force (RIF) procedures were made extremely challenging and expensive for the company to follow and implement.

These challenges were designed to be an added extra level of protection for the membership in hopes to mitigate furloughs during times such as the one we currently find ourselves in.

A consequence of instituting a difficult process is that there will always be mistakes in any type of application, especially one that has numerous complexities, such as the one outlined in our agreement.  

One item that members have been very outspoken over is the increase of manpower in a few stations throughout the system such as Tampa. 

After review, the union has determined that the company has used Article 6 as a vehicle to fill vacancies, when all vacancies are contractually frozen during the displacement process. The company has violated the agreement in several areas and has potentially placed technicians in stations out of seniority order by not giving those that are senior a chance to exercise their seniority. 

At this point we are, and have been, working with the company to assure that all provisions as outlined in the agreement are followed. If we are unable to come to a resolution in an expeditious fashion then we will continue to process all grievances. These grievances have already been filed as ET-AL so that the entire system is covered. 

As this process unfolds, we will continue to keep you updated.


In Solidarity,


Vinny Graziano

Airline Division Representative

International Brotherhood of Teamsters