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Happy Charles Taylor Day from the TAMC!

As we begin to turn the corner on the pandemic in much of the world, passengers are returning to the skies. Although the airlines are only flying around 65 percent of what they did in 2019, it is great to see the uptick in flying. Throughout all of this you have been on the front lines. As essential workers you could not shelter in place. Instead, you put yourselves and your families at risk by continuing to come to work. Many of you took the bold step of retiring early or voluntarily separating from you jobs so that younger AMTs could stay employed, a selfless act that shows the integrity that is ingrained our craft. It is through your hard work and sacrifice that the fleet is ready to fly as demand returns. Charles Taylor embodied all these traits.

His dedication, hard work and ingenuity set the standard for all that hold the certificate which bears his photo, and his spirit lives on in all of us.

With Solidarity, The TAMC Board of Directors.

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