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United Airlines Technicians Update: Summit and Follow Up BA Meeting

As discussed in a previous dispatch, a summit with United Airlines (UA) Labor Relations leadership was held in Washington DC on July 21 at the IBT Headquarters. Several issues were discussed during that meeting. These issues included the UA System Board, the growing backlog of grievances due to the pandemic (especially regarding RIF and recall) and the scheduling of arbitration cases. Commitments were made to reduce the docket and to settle grievances at the lowest possible level as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. At the conclusion of the meeting a call with the business agents from around the system took place. It was decided on that call that a face-to-face meeting of UA Business Agents was warranted. That meeting took place in Houston on Tuesday, August 3 at the Local 19 union hall.

After the call with the business agents and the in-person meeting, the IBT filed a lawsuit in federal court regarding the refusal of the company to participate in an arbitration case that was scheduled to be heard earlier this summer. The matter involved management performing bargaining unit work overseas. As of the writing of this dispatch, the lawsuit is moving forward. We will keep you apprised of the process as it unfolds.

During the meeting in Houston all of the above issues were discussed. Some other items discussed included the order of awards when vacancies were open concurrently and SIDA badge issues involving loss of pay for members. These issues needed to be addressed in the very short term. The rest of the meeting focused on the upcoming negotiations and identified areas of the agreement that would need clarification. It was decided that these in-person meetings were beneficial for the business agents in policing the agreement and will be held quarterly. At the end of the meeting the scope committee chair let the group know he is working on dates for the next meeting with the company and will notify everyone when the next date is set.

In attendance at the summit meeting in DC from the company were: Zachary Jones, Tom Reardon and Julianne Cooney. Attending for the union were: Airline Division Director Capt. David Bourne; International Representatives Paul Alves, Clacy Griswold, Bob Clever, and Bob Fisher; IBT Staff Attorneys Deirdre Hamilton and Nick Manicone; Director of Economics Jim Kimball and myself.

In attendance at the meeting in Houston were: Bob Clever and David Watford, Local 19; Andy Walsh, Local 25; Gregg Vandagriff, Local 104; Don Ramsey, Local 455; Thomas Esposito, Local 769; Hernan Gomez, Local 781; Javier Lectora, Local 856; Mike Moats, Local 964; Dave Elmore, Mark DesAngles and Dave Saucedo, Local 986; International Representatives Chris Moore, Bob Fisher and myself.

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Vincent Graziano
Coordinator Maintenance and Related, Airline Division
International Brotherhood of Teamsters