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Airline Division News, Week Ending December 28, 2013

RAH Negotiations Update

The IBT Negotiations Team and representatives of the Company met December 17th through December 20th in Jackson, Wyoming to continue bargaining.  Private Mediator Margaret Leibowitz was again present to monitor and facilitate the process.  The two groups made multiple proposals and counter-proposals on Article 6 (Scheduling), Article 7 (Vacancies), as well as re-opening discussions on Article 3 (Compensation).

Article 6 - (Scheduling) was Tentatively Agreed by the parties.  Additionally, the parties came to agreement on most of Article 7 – (Vacancies), with only a few paragraphs remaining open; however solutions to the issues they represent are a critical focus to reaching an overall TA.

The parties exchanged proposals in Article 3 and had direct discussions concerning their financial value, including the impact of certain provisions in Article 7.  While the commitment of both sides was clear, with work and negotiating going on almost nonstop during the week, and while progress was made on Article 3, the parties ran out of time by week's end before they could conclude bargaining over economics.  

The parties agreed to meet in late January to continue negotations on Articles 3 and 7.

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

Ohana by Hawaiian could receive its certification from the Federal Aviation Administration in January. The FAA has restarted the certification process after it was held up because of sequestration cuts earlier this year.

Brendan Schulman, a lawyer at the New York firm with a newly lauched unmanned aircraft systems practice, says that the Federal Aviations Administration was never given legal jurisdiction over the airspace under 500 feet.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

With California and Missouri among the top contenders for Boeings new 777X plant, the state of Washington faces a credit downgrade, higher borrowing costs and the loss of jobs and tax revenue should Boeing decide to move production of its new jetliner to another state.

During 2013, the top stories in aviation included the merger between US Airways and American Airlines, the return of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Federal Aviation Administration lifting the ban on portable electronic devices in flight, Charisse Jones writes.