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Air Canada Teamsters Ratify New Contract

A new contract covering more than 500 U.S.-based Air Canada employees was ratified by Teamster members who voted 200-to-101 in favor of the agreement. Voting was conducted electronically beginning on March 17 and ballots were tallied today showing overwhelming support for the new seven-year contract.

Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement With Air Canada

Today, the Teamsters Union announced a tentative agreement with U.S.-based Air Canada Teamster represented employees that improves wages, benefits and job protections for the entire group. The agreement will be released to all affected members shortly. The ratification process will take place after the members have an opportunity to review the new terms.

Flight Attendant Unions at American, US Airways Apply For ‘Single Carrier’ Status

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants and Association of Flight Attendants-CWA filed a petition Monday with the National Mediation Board asking that American Airlines and US Airways be considered a single carrier. That’s the step needed for the NMB to decide what union represents a work group.

US Airways Union Pickets Charlotte Douglas

A union representing US Airways reservations, ticket and gate agents picketed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Tuesday, protesting what they say is improper outsourcing by the company after its December merger with American Airlines.

American Airlines Merger Left US Airways Workers Behind, Unions Say

Four months after the completion of the merger of American Airlines (AAL) and US Airways, all five of the US Airways unions said workers aren't yet seeing the benefits they expected. Customer service agents, jointly represented by the Communications Workers of America and the Teamsters, said "vendors working for American are encroaching on our work at some locations and forcing the association to file grievances."

Air Canada Teamsters Vote Down Tentative Agreement

Teamster members at Air Canada have voted 110-204 to reject a proposed tentative agreement with the airline. The members cast their ballots by phone and internet during the voting period that ran from Feb. 10-March 3, 2014.

American and US Airways to Close Merger Monday

The merger that will unite American and US Airways and create the largest carrier in the world is expected to close on Monday. But it will take many months to put in place all the nuts and bolts that will truly transform the two carriers into a single airline.

Merger of American Airlines and US Airways Cleared for Takeoff

American Airlines and US Airways moved another step closer to creating the world's biggest carrier but had to make concessions to help ensure the deal wouldn't lead to service cuts and higher fares. The Justice Department said Tuesday the agency would back the $11-billion combination under an agreement that the airlines give up dozens of gates at major hubs including New York, Washington and Los Angeles.


AA-US Airways, Justice Agree To Mediator In Merger Case

Could the merger battle between the Justice Department and would-be partners American and US Airways be headed for a settlement? The three parties said in a Monday filing that they've agreed on a mediator, who will attempt to facilitate a settlement resolving the government's lawsuit to block the proposed merger.


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